Overwatch Cassidys New Blood Challenge is Live Now with New Sandstorm Skin

Overwatch 'Cassidy's New Blood Challenge' is Live Now with New Sandstorm Skin

Richard Walker

For the first time since McCree had his name changed to Cole Cassidy, Overwatch's gunslinging cowboy character has his very own new in-game event, titled ‘Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge', and a comic books series from Dark Horse called ‘Overwatch: New Blood’. You can read part one in the series here.

As with other Overwatch events centred upon a single character, Cassidy's New Blood Challenge offers new limited-time, character-specific rewards to unlock. Playing nine games in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade will unlock a new Cassidy Player Icon, while 18 games will bag you a new Spray.

Playing 27 games will earn you the Sandstorm Cassidy Epic Skin, while watching Overwatch Twitch streams between now and the end of the Cassidy's New Blood Challenge on 23rd November, will earn additional Sprays. One for 2 hours of viewing time, two Sprays for 2 more hours, then three Sprays for a further 2 hours.

The Overwatch Cassidy's New Blood Challenge is live now until 23rd November.

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