Halo Infinite Season One Multiplayer Beta Available Now With Full Access

Halo Infinite Season One Multiplayer Beta Available Now With Full Access

Richard Walker

Halo developer 343 Industries has just announced that a Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta has gone live today (as per an earlier leak), enabling you to jump straight into the free-to-play multiplayer component of the upcoming new chapter in Master Chief's journey.

Granting full access to Season One of Halo Infinite multiplayer, the beta will enable you to play the MP in its entirety, ahead of the full game's release this December. And when the game proper does release, you'll be able to bring your beta progress across with you, which is nice. All maps, core modes, Academy features, and the Battle Pass are included.

Titled ‘Heroes of Reach’, the first season of Halo Infinite includes limited in-game events and exclusive rewards, and by downloading and playing on Xbox and PC from today, you can get in on the ground floor. As a “thank you to the Xbox community for 20 years of support,” you can play the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta now.

  • How to play it though? The download from game pass just leads to a blue screen.
  • @black Most people are getting a blue screen, because the game is down.
  • Should be working now, if not, a system reboot will likely fix it. You could also click the more info on the game in your games and apps, then look for updates.
  • I’ll just wait till tomorrow to play.

    Because if there’s anything I’ve learned from the past 20 years. There isn’t one “launch” for a game that goes smoothly or as planned. Whether it’s a full game or just a beta, doesn’t matter.
  • It just started fully downloading. I'm impatient lol
  • Thijminecraft02
  • Yeah thought they said it's live now... see you Friday. Mmmm okay. So busy with Forza I'll probably wit for launch and dive into campaign
  • After pulling my hair out over D2R's release, this was nice and smooth. Sorry to hear some people were having the blue screen issue though. Runs great once you're in if nothing else!
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