Dragon Ball The Breakers is an Asymmetrical Online Multiplayer Survival Game Coming to Xbox One in 2022

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is an Asymmetrical Online Multiplayer Survival Game Coming to Xbox One in 2022

Richard Walker

Bandai Namco has announced Dragon Ball: The Breakers, an upcoming survival-based asymmetrical online multiplayer game based upon the iconic Shonen Jump manga and anime, due to launch in 2022.

Set within the universe of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, The Breakers enables you to play as one ‘Raider’, as embodied by one of the franchise's iconic characters, pitted against seven ‘Survivors’ - characters without super powers.

As the Raider, you'll use your overwhelming power to eliminate all seven Survivors, civilians who have been caught in a ‘Temporal Seam’. Together, the Survivors will need to try and push back the Raider an escape the seam using a ‘Super Time Machine’.

While Survivors have no powers, they can use various items found on the game's maps to try and escape strategically. Dragon Ball: The Breakers will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2022, with a Closed Beta Test coming soon to PC. Check out the announcement trailer below.

  • Seems like a bad premise for a dbz game to me
  • What the actual hell?
  • They failed with kakarot to capture a true fight system like the show apart from some bosses, so now they are copying all the lazy games designs sure the theme of the game was fun-ish but dead by daylight pretty much has it nailed one game and bring all the characters into it instead of like 20 similar games getting released, I actually want arcade fighting games to take that approach think about it a base game with some original characters then dlc for your favourite show or game series being added so you could play someone with the same dlc pack or different ones and buy the packs you want to make the game you actually one, not what's been forced upon you.
  • This is by far the worst idea they've ever had for a Dragon Ball game. Yes make a game set in a universe centered around martial arts with no real fighting. Instead you play as piss weak civilians that have to run away the entire game. Plus no story, it's online only. None of the main cast except Bulma and Oolong. (Because the rest of the characters wouldn't run like cowards and actually fight.) I love this franchise and hate to be this negative towards a new title. It just seems like complete trash for a concept. I hope to be proven wrong. But I have zero faith in this game. :(
  • So the raider is basically Zamazu....
  • Lmao, who pitched this shit?
  • Nani the fuck?
  • And ya blame us for getting excited over remasters and remakes when the new shit looks like this.
  • This is an awful idea.
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