Battlefield 2042 Review Come For Hazard Zone and Battlefield Portal Stay For the Sandbox Chaos

Battlefield 2042 Review: Come For Hazard Zone and Battlefield Portal, Stay For the Sandbox Chaos

Dan Webb

For years, Battlefield has carved out a niche for itself as the first-person shooter with the big military sandboxes; the vehicles, the destruction, the massive potential for chaos. And so it goes with Battlefield 2042, a new entry in the series that does away with the campaign, instead focusing purely upon multiplayer.

You'd hope that in deciding to stick solely to the online experience, developer DICE might have taken the time to flesh out the scale of destruction on offer, the wealth of modes, and the breadth and scale of the whole thing. Without a doubt, Battlefield 2042 delivers in sheer size, but does the latest game bring it in those other vital departments?

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