Empire of Sin Make it Count DLC and Massive Precinct Update Out Now For Xbox

Empire of Sin 'Make it Count' DLC and Massive 'Precinct' Update Out Now For Xbox

Richard Walker

Paradox Interactive and developer Romero Games have announced that Empire of Sin has today received its first premium expansion, titled ‘Make it Count’, as well as the huge free ‘Precinct’ content update. The update offers a new layer of management, introduces Depots, and adds new paths to victory.

Precincts will need to be connected by Supply Lines to keep supplies and payments flowing, while Depots are well-guarded areas with reinforcements that offer longer, more tactical combat opportunities, in exchange for greater rewards. Claim the Depot and you'll claim the Precinct with it.

You can achieve a diplomatic win with a ‘Buy Out’, claim victory by owning 40% of all rackets upgraded to max level, and police mechanics have also been improved. New interiors for Depots and Safehouses, as well as the Gun Store, Mob Lawyer, and Boxing Club Improvement buildings rounds out the Precinct update.

As for the Make it Count expansion, you can play as new boss and ‘Mob Fixer’ Maxim Zelnick, who comes with his own set of combat abilities and skills (including the ‘Persuader’ boss weapon), as well as the new Fixer gangster profession and Loan Shark racket. The DLC also includes new weapons, 20 new missions, and 25 new events.

Among the weapons on offer are the MK VI Revolver, Coach Gun, STA 22, Lighting Carbine, and RSC M17, alongside new Legendary weapons, the Persuader and Golden Gewehr 98. Empire of Sin: Make it Count is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, priced $14.99/£12.49.

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