Decembers Games with Gold Include The Escapists 2 and Tropico 5

December's Games with Gold Include The Escapists 2 and Tropico 5

Richard Walker

With only one week of November left, it's time to move into December, and with a new month on the horizon, comes another batch of Games with Gold. Available for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, the latest titles include prison break game The Escapists 2 and island management sim Tropico 5 - Penultimate Edition.

In The Escapists 2, you can put your escapology skills to the test, as you form a crew and take a stab at digging your way out of the world's toughest prisons, while in Tropico 5, you can build your city and its infrastructure, the reign over the people as a benevolent or dictatorial El Presidente. The Penultimate Edition also includes ‘The Big Cheese’ and ‘Hostile Takeover’ DLCs.

Furthermore, another two back compat picks will also be available, with tower-defence strategy Orcs Must Die! for the first half of the month, offering twenty-four forts to defend from waves of monstrous foes, and an array of weapons and traps to help you do so. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet rounds out December with 2D action adventure, featuring tricky puzzles and weird creatures to battle. Take a look:

Games with Gold - December 2021

[Via Xbox Wire]

  • Playstation will always offer better montlyh games, These are poor!
  • Meh, nothing for me this month. November was decent at least.
  • @DeanyBabyyTTV I disagree it literally about the same but if you put gamepass into account Playstation offers are cheeks
  • Was hoping MK9 or MKvsDC would be offered since you can't buy them digitally anymore.
  • Yup, nothing more me either.

    Jesus, Dean. How many accounts do you have here?
  • *Yup, nothing for me either
  • Tropico 5 ain’t bad sure not epic but at least it’s easy to play.
  • @Dirty130 None now!
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