Halo Infinite Progression Feedback is 'Being Heard Loud and Clear', 343 Assures

Halo Infinite Progression Feedback is 'Being Heard Loud and Clear', 343 Assures

Richard Walker

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries has made assurances that feedback from players is “being heard loud and clear”, primarily regarding complaints about the game's multiplayer progression system. Some changes have already been made, but there are more to come.

Further changes to progression and other issues raised by the community, might be some way off, however, as the studio takes a Thanksgiving break following a “long final stretch” to get Halo Infinite's free-to-play multiplayer component out of the door early.

“Please know the constructive feedback is being heard loud and clear,” 343 Community Director Brian Jarrard writes on Twitter. “Changes will take time and our priority this week is giving the team a much deserved break for the holiday after a long final stretch.”

The backlash surrounding Halo Infinite's multiplayer progression has only escalated following the launch of the limited-time ‘Fracture: Tenrai’ event, which features the samurai-style Yoroi armour core, accompanying armour pieces, colours, and more as unlockable rewards (as shown in the trailer below).

The event includes its own free 30-tier event pass, the slow progression through levels stoking player concerns that accessing items takes too long. The capping of challenges means that it's only possible complete a few tiers of the event pass, and some challenges are rather tricky, making progression even more difficult.

You'll have further chances to unlock the cosmetic items featured in the Fracture: Tenrai event during Season One, with its next appearance scheduled for January 2022. With changes potentially not on the way until the New Year, however, you might want to get cracking.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer is available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, and you can read our thoughts here. Halo Infinite's campaign is set to launch on 8th December, although you'll have to wait until May 2022 at the earliest for campaign co-op and Forge mode.

  • There's 30 tiers in the Yoroi pass, but you can only earn 7 in the first week. That leaves 23 tiers spread between the next two times it comes back.

    Also, people are pissed that the armor they've been using in promotional material, the one with the big, eva-like mask, isnt even in the pass, it's in the shop for $20.
  • Cosmetics do nothing.
  • That’s why me made it worse with our little update and are ripping you off dramatically.
  • Master Chiefs armour is cheaper in Fortnite, let that sink in.
  • Yeah spreading my this event over 6 seperate weeks is just crazy. I’m sure they said they didn’t want FOMO to be a part of the game and now they literally have it by timegating these events and locking the majority of the new armor cores cosmetics behind the shop
  • Adding a paywall to unlocking any armor ruined Halo. Why not be able to unlock anything with XP earned in matches? Oh that's right, you dont earn XP based on performance, just with challenges. This is by far the worst Halo multiplayer in 20 years.
  • “Hear you loud and clear” they heard the same feedback back when I took part in the first flights when it came to battlepass only being progressed via challenges, every complained then and yet they still went ahead months later and have it in the full release. They don’t want feedback because they don’t care what you think.
  • @Spartan: "Adding a paywall to unlocking any armor ruined Halo. "

    What does cosmetic stuff have to do with the gameplay? Nothing. This is the best Halo since Reach, the MP is incredibly fun and crisp as hell. While I agree with everything you've said (and more) about the issues with the battle pass, progression, and unlocks... it means nothing when you're actually in match playing the game.
  • I just like how their response to leveling up being to grindy wasn't to actually fix it, but to make the season SEVEN MONTHS LONG!!!
  • What a bunch of moaners in this comment section, goddamn. This is why 343 has the hardest job in the biz, because of you all.
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