Beyond a Steel Sky Developer Diary Takes a Deep Dive into the Games Lore is Delayed in North America and UK

Beyond a Steel Sky Developer Diary Takes a Deep Dive into the Game's Lore, is Delayed in North America and UK

Richard Walker

Broken Sword developer Revolution Software and publisher Microids have released a new developer diary for Beyond a Steel Sky, taking a dive into the game's lore, and how the spiritual successor to 1994 cyberpunk adventure remains true to its roots.

“The way that we do this is that we make sure that all the core elements, all the vital lore, is brought through as part of the gameplay so that players experience it as they’re solving puzzles, as they’re driving the narrative forward,” Game Director and CEO Charles Cecil explains.

Playing as Robert Foster, with best friend, Joey, an AI he constructed as a child living in a wasteland village, Beyond a Steel Sky picks up ten years on from the original game, taking you back to Union City. Within the walls of the city, the wealthiest live near to the ground, while the poor and droids live at the highest upper levels.

If you haven't played Beneath a Steel Sky, you'll be able to catch up on the lore via two in-game Museums, including the ‘Museum of New History’ where you'll find the lore from Beyond, and the ‘Museum of Old History’, where you can discover everything you need to know from Beneath a Steel Sky. You can also get a story overview here.

“Hopefully, people will realise that this was our opportunity to convey exposition, because they could choose how much they engaged with, and how much they didn’t, and anything that we thought was vital that they did learn we put into the gameplay,” Cecil adds. “I’m really thrilled to be able to bring Beyond A Steel Sky to consoles, and I know the game will appeal both to new players as well as old fans.”

Beyond a Steel Sky will be coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch from 30th November, with retail editions to follow. In North America, the game is now set to release on 14th December, while in the UK, Beyond a Steel Sky has been pushed to 7th December. Check out the new developer diary below.

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