Halo Infinite Review Where Does the New Halo Campaign Rank in the Series

Halo Infinite Review: Where Does the New Halo Campaign Rank in the Series?

Dan Webb

For weeks now we’ve been pew-pewing each other in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer battlegrounds, and you know what? We’ve absolutely loved it. But there’s one thing playing against other people and being a bog-standard Spartan, than there is being Master Chief and stomping new Covenant faction, the Banished, into the ground.

It’s a campaign with big changes, as well. For one, it’s open-world, which is a massively bold risk if you ask us, which begs the question, does that risk pay off? How does it even work? Does that more open-world approach mean that the more scripted moments are a thing of the past? There are tons of questions that this new setup evokes, and that’s why we’re here, folks, to answer those questions and many more, like, where does it rank in the franchise’s history? Is it better than bloody Halo 5?

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