BioShock 4 Will Reportedly Be Set in Antarctica

BioShock 4 Will Reportedly Be Set in Antarctica

Matt Lorrigan

BioShock 4 will be set within a '60s city in Antarctica, according to a new report.

The new BioShock game, which is being developed by studio Cloud Chamber under 2K Games, will apparently have connections to previous BioShock titles, and will be set in the fictional south pole city of Borealis, according to a report from the Sacred Symbols podcast.

The report has been corroborated by VGC, with the information on an Antarctic setting matching what its sources have said, with the game targeting a 2022 release.

A fourth BioShock game was originally in development at developer Certain Affinity for around five years, apparently, before being binned, with development restarting at Cloud Chamber. Job postings at the studio have hinted towards an open world setting, as well as RPG systems and and an “emergent sandbox world”.

Could we see BioShock 4 revealed at The Game Awards later this week? We'll certainly be keeping an eye just in case.

  • I was hoping for an underground city
  • Bioshock infinite had so much propaganda in it the Soviets and Zionists would of been proud. Disgusting game.
  • Really hope it’s not open world.

    So sick of them, only certain games are meant for open world. Not all of them.

    I like how Bioshock was always train track approach to levels, really made the environment and atmosphere what it was.

    Open world games are just empty half the time, until you reach your specific destination your going to.
  • These days I only pre-order games I'm excited for. Going to be pre-ordering this.
  • @yourburnstar, "Open world games are just empty half the time" You give those games too much credit, friend. For me, I find open world games are almost always empty, boring, and devoid of life. Devs and Pubs love to brag about the sizes of their open worlds and there's almost always fuck-all to do in those "massive" worlds, except for a bunch of cut/paste fetch quests, bitch work, and collect-a-thons. Plus, they lack so much depth in any of it's story-telling.

    I do agree with you in that, an open world would do a dis-service to the Bioshock series because part of it's atmosphere and character that made Bioshock so fascinating is in the isolated, claustrophobic environments of the first two games, along with it's story-driven nature of all three games.
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