Serious Sam 4 Makes a Surprise Launch on Xbox Game Pass Today

Serious Sam 4 Makes a Surprise Launch on Xbox Game Pass Today

Matt Lorrigan

Serious Sam 4, the latest game in the classic shooter franchise, has made a surprise appearance on Xbox Game Pass today, but only on Xbox Series X|S.

It's a strange stealth drop for the game, which has previously been available on PC and Google Stadia, and there's still no official word on the launch from developer Croteam or publisher Devolver Digital. Perhaps this was meant to launch during The Game Awards on Thursday? Did someone forget to put out a press release today? Or is the stealth launch and confusion all just part of a viral marketing scheme?

Ah well, regardless, Serious Sam 4 is now available to download and play on Xbox Series X|S for Xbox Game Pass members. You can check out the Serious Sam 4 Achievement List right here, with 1000G available across 54 achievements. For reasons we're not quite sure of right now, the game hasn't launched on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PlayStation 5 as well today, but as soon as we have more information, we'll bring you up to date.

  • Never played the series Sam series, after looking at the trailer it reminds me of a mixture between DOOM and Bullet Storm.
  • @1 it is more brainless than those 2, but good fun for a little blast at a time
  • Even wired its unplayable on xbone due to lag
  • @Killionaire
    The article states it didn't even launch on X1, so what are you referring to?
  • It's not showing as available on GamePass for me, only for Purchase.
  • @Fanta exactly what I typed

    Its less laggy now
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