Warframe The New War Caliban Warframe Unveiled Ahead of Launch Next Week

Warframe: The New War 'Caliban' Warframe Unveiled Ahead of Launch Next Week

Richard Walker

Digital Extremes has unveiled a new Warframe for, um, Warframe, set to launch alongside The New War Act One next week. Named ‘Caliban’, the new Warframe is “Erra's twisted masterpiece”, a hybrid of Warframe and Sentient forged from the wreckage of the Old War.

Caliban is the game's 48th playable Warframe, and has an ‘Adaptive Armor’ Passive Ability, granting increased resistance to the damage type they're taking when within Affinity Range. It can also become a “spinning vortex of death” with its Razor Gyre abilities, smash the ground with Sentient Wrath, and create a huge reactive blast with its Fusion Strike. Caliban can also summon three Conculyst comrades to fight at its side, and repair shields while not in combat.

You'll be able to play as Caliban when Warframe: The New War Act One launches on 15th December, the first of three massive acts that will form a sprawling, and entirely free, Cinematic Questline. In The New War, you'll be able to play as enemy units, including Kahl-175 the Grineer, Veso the Corpus Tech, and the Dax: Teshin. Expect “epic plot twists” aplenty, alongside “gut-punching action”.

As well as the addition of Caliban, The New War will also commence alongside Harrow Prime Access for a limited period, enabling you to instantly unlock Harrow Prime and his signature weapons and accessories. Harrow Prime is a monastic Warframe, able to use the Void to boost allied defences, while amplifying their lethality.

You can take a look at Warframe: The New War Act One in the new teaser trailer below.

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