GTA Online is Getting a New Story Expansion Starring Franklin and Dr. Dre

GTA Online is Getting a New Story Expansion Starring Franklin and Dr. Dre

Matt Lorrigan

GTA Online is getting a brand new story expansion, The Contract, which stars Franklin Clinton and Dr. Dre.

The story sees Grand Theft Auto V protagonist Franklin Clinton in the years after the main game, making moves into a new “celebrity solutions agency” helping out some of the Vinewood stars in need to solutions to high-society problems. You'll be drafted in as Franklin's new partner, helping him to take the business to the next level.

To do this, you need to get your first high-profile client, and who better than legendary producer and musician Dr. Dre. The rapper's phone is lost, and it contains brand new, unreleased music by Dr. Dre himself. You'll need to retrieve the tracks and get them back to the client, on a new adventure through Los Santos.

GTA Online: The Client launches on 15th December 2021, and will also add in a new radio station with guest hosts, updates to existing radio stations, and, of course, brand new exclusive tracks from Dr. Dre. You can check out the first trailer down below.

  • why has this got to be online, where when i played it last your own dumb character was mute, screw GTAO
  • Would prefer a single-player expansion.. Ya know, that thing we've been asking for 8-years now? Thanks for always listening to your fans, R*.
  • Agree, definitely would prefer single player over online garbage any day.
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