Halo Infinite - Seven Tips to Get You Through the Legendary Campaign

Halo Infinite - Seven Tips to Get You Through the Legendary Campaign

Dan Webb

After a year’s delay, the time is nearly upon us! That’s right, folks, Halo Infinite’s campaign has dropped, and if you – like us – are already eyeing up a Legendary playthrough, then let us assist you with some top tips to get you across the finish line. The infamous Legendary difficulty is no easy feat and requires specific knowledge and planning if you are to be successful, so we’re here to help - especially if you want that ‘A True Test of Legends’ achievement or even the ‘Headmaster’ achievement, although the latter is slightly different, made easier with the unlimited ammo skull, but harder with all the other bloody skulls. Anyway, without further ado, folks, here are seven tips to make you a pro at Halo Infinite and beat the campaign on Legendary.

1. Pimp My Spartan

First things first, perhaps the most important aspect when it comes to tackling Legendary, is gaining every advantage that you can, and that means leaning into the game’s RPG-esque mechanics, which come in the form of Spartan Pods and upgrade points. While some of these will offer only slight assistance, some are absolute game changers. On their own, the 15% shield upgrades might seem negligible, but acquire all four, and that 60% shield increase can be a life saver… literally. For us, though, the grapple is king on Legendary, so once you’ve upgraded the shield, put all of your points into that! Not only does the cooldown reduction help improve your mobility, but the electric stun is incredibly valuable. As soon as you hit the Zeta Halo surface, liberate the nearest Forward Operating Bases, which effectively unfogs the immediate area, and look for the Spartan Pods on your map. You won’t be able to unlock everything from the off, as areas of the map are gated off, but as soon as a new area opens up, head there, clear the FOBs, grab the Spartan Pods and you’ll be golden. This one is a simple tip, but it will set you in good stead for the Legendary slog.

2. Grapple of my Eye

Halo Infinite’s grappleshot is the key to success in the game’s campaign, whatever difficulty you’re playing on, but especially so on Legendary. As we just discussed, a fully upgraded grappling hook can stun enemies you grapple onto, allowing you to power punch them as well, if you hold the melee as you wind your way towards your foe. But, honestly, the grappleshot is so much more than that. Mobility is massively key on Legendary, especially when it comes to some of the game’s main mission bosses – particularly those that have an Energy Sword or a Brute Hammer. Aiming slightly ahead of your feet and then grappling is a good way to get around in these fights and beyond, but if you add a jump at the end it flings you forward at some pace, meaning you can put daylight between you and your foes, turn around and get some cheeky shots in before they’re on you again.

The jump also allows your grapple the time to refresh for you to do it all over again, almost as soon as you land. You also have some degree of control over your movement with the grapple attached, so practice your movement skills where possible. Grip onto walls to swing round corners, trees, cliff-faces, and so on. It’ll be your key to success if you use it correctly. On top of that, use the grappleshot to pull weapons and objects to you when you’re in cover, or to pull Halo’s form of explosive barrels your way, and then throw them at enemies. Perhaps more importantly, though, use it on shielded Jackals to stagger them and allow you to headshot them with ease. And when it comes to vehicle-on-vehicle combat, if you’re on a Ghost fighting an enemy on a Ghost, you’re better off getting close and then getting out of the driver’s seat to grapple and jack the enemy Ghost than you are to go head-to-head in vehicle combat. And if all else fails, use it to move from cover to cover or for a hasty retreat, of which there will be a lot on Legendary!

3. Go Go Gadget Chief

It’s not just the grappleshot that will play a pivotal part in your Legendary runthrough; you’ll need to use all of the gadgets if you are to be successful. Learning the hotswap combos will be a lifesaver. Right-right on the d-pad is your grapple, which will be your go-to, but it’s important to know that right-down is your Threat Sensor, and that right-left is your Drop Wall, and that right-up is your thruster. Using the combinations will be key. Going from right-down to drop your Sensor (or two, if they’re fully upgraded) and then flicking to right-left to deploy a Drop Wall if you have no cover, and then going back to the grappleshot will be vital if you want to succeed. Using them all in tandem is the only way to play on Legendary. The same actually goes for your grenades, as well. Knowing when to use a Plasma grenade versus when to use a UNSC frag is key – stick Elites and high level brutes, but roll UNSC grenades into groups of foes, for instance. You should save your Dynamo grenades – the electricity-based ones – to give you breathing space and to stop high-level enemies in their tracks, as they are by far the most effective. Don’t be afraid to spam Plasma or Spike grenades, as they are plentiful throughout Zeta Halo. In fact, don’t be afraid to spam the Threat Sensor either. Knowing where enemies are when you rock into a room or an area is vital, and reduces the risk of running into any nasty little surprises. 

4. A Weapon for Every Occasion

Knowing your weapons and what’s effective in what situation is pretty damn important when it comes to Halo Infinite. Thankfully, Halo Infinite offers more weapons – and not just pointless ones – to help you navigate its increasingly dangerous battlefields. Again, as has always been the case in Halo games, the “noob combo” is still an absolute beast. For new players, what we mean by that is unleashing a charged shot from the Plasma Pistol to remove the shield and then finishing it up with a kinetic shot to the head – ideally from the pistol, the Battle Rifle or the Commando (Infinite’s equivalent of the DMR). It’s also worth bearing in mind that some trickier foes may take two or more fully-charged Plasma Pistol shots, so look for visual clues as to when an enemy’s shield pops. In previous Halos, this has been the most effective way to get through on Legendary without breaking too much of a sweat. Thankfully, Halo Infinite offers so many more alternatives for taking down some of the trickier foes. The Skewer, for instance, is an absolute delight against Elites and high-ranking Brutes. It’s good against Hunters, as well! It’s a one-shot, slow-reload weapon, so be wary of that, and also of the bullet drop over longer distances. It is a devastatingly powerful weapon, though.

Of course, the pistol, the Battle Rifle, and the Commando are incredibly effective, too – especially now thanks to the ammo stocks situated all over Zeta Halo, but there are also just as effective weapons in and around the Banished-controlled areas – which are home to many of the main missions. Two of these weapons are: 1. The Shock Rifle, which is incredibly effective; and 2. The Stalker Rifle, which is also a bit of a treat. Those weapons should see you through the trickiest of situations, but sometimes, when they’re not available, you might have to resort to the Needler (still very effective), the Sentinel Beam (which is probably as strong as it’s ever been), and the Mangler, which can be as effective as the pistol, although its rate of fire is slightly slower. Even then, there are perfect weapons for certain situations; for instance, a fully charged Ravager shot is extremely effective against Hunters.

What I will say is, if you end up in a small arena with a bevy of tricky foes to fight, there are usually super effective weapons nearby - use the ping to see where they are in your vicinity. For instance, when you come up against a certain boss with a Brute Hammer, there’s a Skewer stored conveniently nearby; and when you fight a pair of Hunters late in the game, there’s a Ravager nearby on the rack - a fully charged Ravager shot can set fire to a small area that does constant damage to the Hunters, and whoever else you use them against. Weapons like the Heatwave – used with its alternate fire – and the Cindershot, are brilliant at crowd management too, although they pale in comparison to the aforementioned weapons.

And lastly, remember that there are better versions of many weapons out there if you go after Halo Infinite’s hitlist, which is comprised of mid-level bosses: take these out and you’ll unlock their weapon variant at your FOB. You can find a Skewer variant here and a Shock Rifle variant here, too, so head to them when you get a chance - and engage from distance where possible.

5. So Much Space For Activities 

It might be easy to think that going through the main missions as quickly as you can is the best solution for a Legendary run, and usually, yeah, that would be a fairly decent bit of advice. Well, that’s not the case here, thanks to a couple of things: the rewards from the open-world activities; and the RPG nature of the Spartan gadgets. It is imperative that you get enough Spartan Pods so that you can max out all of the gadgets. Even if you don’t use them all, they might prove life savers on the odd occasion – there’s a specific gondola scene where the Drop Shield is invaluable!

When we talk about the open-world rewards, some come in the aforementioned special variants of weapons, gained by taking down Banished generals, but everything you do in the open-world contributes to your FOB level by giving you ‘Valour’. This grants access to more vehicles, marines you can take with you on missions, better weapons, and more tools at your disposal to call in from every FOB site you’ve unlocked. If you get to 2,000 Valour, for instance, you can call in a Scorpion tank to assist you on missions, which if you think about it, is completely nuts! Having the ability to call in tanks willy-nilly is a life saver for the missions in the open-world. That said, a lot of the main story missions are linear in nature and in areas where you can’t just take in a Scorpion tank, so while this is helpful for a few missions and the open-world activities, it’s not going to be the be-all and end-all solution to your problems.

6. Use the Open-World to Your Advantage

If you took heed of the previous point, and unlocked a load of tools at your FOB, it’s all about how you use them in the open-world segments of the game that counts. There are loads of different strategies at your disposal when it comes to dominating the Banished in the open-world. Unlocking a Scorpion tank is massive, but won’t happen until a lot later in the game, so in the meantime it’s about making do with what you have.

Doing enough activities to have a sniper rifle and a Battle Rifle at your FOBs is a sure-fire way to success. Using cover, like the brows of hills and what not, and engaging the Banished over longer distances is perhaps the easiest way to succeed. The enemy AI, for instance, isn’t fantastic over incredibly long distances, whereas the sniper rifle is devastating with hitscan i.e. no travel time per bullet, and no bullet drop, so bear that in mind. Also, if you are attacking first from a distance, always target an Elite or a tougher foe first, before they pop their shield for an easy first kill.

The other strategy is to spawn a Warthog, load it up with troops, and ride around in circles around your opposition. Be careful not to get stuck in the environment, though, as you’re massively susceptible to damage - especially on Legendary - and watch out for the Banished who try to disable your Warthog, as it can leave you up shit creek without a paddle.

7. Rules of Engagement

Last but by no means least, let’s talk about general rules of engagement and combat tips, combining everything we’ve learned with some more minute-to-minute gameplay pointers. Firstly, Legendary is not a difficulty level you want to rush through. Even a group of Grunts could best you if you’re too casual in your approach, so be wary of that. Use your Threat Sensor, make sure you use your radar, and sit back and slowly ease your way into an area checking all the corners. And when you’re in Forerunner structures, keep an eye out for the Sentinel spawns on the wall, as, more often than not, they’ll spawn in when you’re already a good way into a room, and often nowhere near cover.

Next-up: never, I repeat, never, engage enemies without a full shield. If you duck back into cover to get back your shield, make sure it fully charges back up before you re-engage the enemy. If not, you’ll get caught out more often than not. Stick to cover where possible too, and use the grappleshot to bring things to you from behind cover, rather than leaving the relative comfort of a nice big pillar to duck out into the open to pick up a better weapon. Same for explosive barrels you want to throw as well. Grab them with the grappleshot while behind cover, come out, throw them, rinse and repeat.

From a shooting point-of-view, if you’re having trouble lining up headshots, try and make sure the bottom half of your reticule is lined up with their heads, that way you’re more likely to land headshots than body shots. And also, try to match your horizontal movements with the enemy’s horizontal movements, rather than standing still and moving the aiming stick. Fully embrace that aim assist!

Also, keep an eye out for enemies stood next to explosive plasma barrels, as they can often be the easiest way to take out a group of foes with little-to-no effort. And last, but by no means least, sometimes you’ll have to clear rooms before you can move on, other times you won’t, and sometimes the best thing you can do rather than engage, is to just slip past a group of enemies. And that’s easily possible thanks to the grappleshot and its mobility.


So there you have it - seven tips to make you a pro at Halo Infinite and to tackle Legendary on your lonesome. Of course, when the co-op drops later on in the year, that’ll make things a bit easier. But you know what they say, right? You’ve not lived until you’ve soloed a Halo game on Legendary.

  • Thank you for this. I have soloed every single Halo FPS, and am really looking forward to getting my teeth into this. I'm going to be doing a Hardcore run first so that I can get as many of the collectibles as is possible, and then dive (very cautiously!) into the Legendary run, and I cannot wait.

    Just 5 minutes to go now... ;)
  • i've been playin for about an hour and know its not just my opinion. i found that they have de-sex/ Neutered Cortana she looks like an average karen now. its gotten to the point i had to take a break as i could not listen that much to the dialogue as it was distracting in a sad way...
  • @Ageratos-Henosis That's probably because it's not Cortana you have with you. Later in the game (I'm about 6 hours in), when you do hear Cortana's voice in cutscenes and flashbacks, it sounds just like Cortana. Complete with her traditional tone and emotion.
  • Getting the Bandana skull from The Silent Auditorium will remove the cooldown of the gadgets. Don't attack any of the sentinels and a door near the end of the level will stay open: go straight instead of the left down the long 'hallway.' You can basically skip where they are by just grappling past all the enemies in that section. After that there aren't any more.
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