No Man's Sky x Mass Effect 'Beachhead Expedition' Returns For the Next Two Weeks

No Man's Sky x Mass Effect 'Beachhead Expedition' Returns For the Next Two Weeks

Richard Walker

Originally launched to tie in with the release of the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition in May,  the Mass Effect crossover ‘Beachhead Expedition’ for No Man's Sky has returned for a limited time this week, offering another chance to unlock Commander Shepard's iconic SSV Normandy SR1 spaceship to your fleet.

The Beachhead Expedition restarted in No Man's Sky today, enabling you to sample what Sean Murray of developer Hello Games says is “honestly one of the coolest things we've ever done”, for the next two weeks. That means you've got until 23rd December to get cracking on earning the Normandy.

If you're after further expeditions for No Man's Sky, then you can also dive in to October's ‘Emergence’, which involves colossal space worms, as in Dune. Otherwise, you can embark upon the Mass Effect crossover Beachhead Expedition in No Man's Sky once more - check it out in the trailer below.

  • Yeah out of all the Expedition’s #2 has been the most easiest for me, in just one day I got to phase 4.
  • @1 yeah that's what my buddy had said. My first one was 4, which that and 1(repeat) had taken each about 9 hours. Where as 2 took him 4 hours
  • @Ageratos-Henosis That's probably because it's not Cortana you have with you. Later in the game (I'm about 6 hours in), when you do hear Cortana's voice in cutscenes and flashbacks, it sounds just like Cortana. Complete with her traditional tone and emotion.
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