GTA Online: The Contract Now Available With New Bonuses, Weapons, Vehicles, Music, Missions, and More

GTA Online: The Contract Now Available With New Bonuses, Weapons, Vehicles, Music, Missions, and More

Richard Walker

Rockstar has announced that Grand Theft Auto Online: The Contract is now available, offering a new story-driven chapter for solo players and groups, in which GTA V protagonist Franklin Clinton returns, with a new ‘celebrity solutions agency’. Tasked with solving the problems faced by Los Santos' high rollers, F. Clinton & Partner is poised to aid hip hop legend Dr. Dre in pulling off a high-stakes theft.

As well as Dre as your first A-list client, longtime buddy Lamar Davis and loyal canine companion Chop will also feature, as will the Agency's elite in-house hacker, Imani. Your mission is to scour the streets of Los Santos for Dr. Dre's stolen phone, which, rumour has it, is filled with brand-new and unreleased music from the artist. You'll need to recover the phone before its contents leak to the world, with new songs from Dre featuring as part of the massive new update.

The Contract also includes Dre in his Record A Studios, where you can hang with a special guest artist, while as Clinton, you'll be granted the F. Clinton & Partner office space, with the option to add an Armory and Vehicle Workshop. From the state-of-the-art office, you'll be able to complete Security Contracts for clients, helping you to build experience and credibility, through recovering  or protect valuable vehicles and other assets. This will lead to dirty work in Payphone Hits, off-the-books, street-level assassinations with bonuses for carrying out specific instructions.

The Agency will also offer a Concierge service, while in Freemode, you'll be able to use Imani and Franklin's unique abilities via your iFruit phone. The Heavy Rifle, Stun Gun, and Compact EMP Launcher weapons are also added to your arsenal, alongside seven new vehicles, including the Pegassi Ignus supercar, Lampadati Cinquemila sedan, and Pfister Astron SUV from Legendary Motorsport. You can also pick up The Dewbauchee Champion supercar, Bravado Buffalo STX muscle car, Enus Deity sedan, and Enus Jubilee SUV with new Imani Tech mods from the Agency’s Vehicle Workshop.

Agency vehicles include Slick Mines, Armour, and Machine Guns as “baseline essentials”, while a Missile Lock-On Jammer will enable you to deflect homing missiles, and the Remote Control Unit enables you to drive your vehicle remotely - it's all a bit James Bond. As announced earlier this week, GTA Online has also been given an update to its Radio Los Santos and West Coast Classics radio stations, as well as a new 'Motomami Los Santos' radio station with new music.

New streetwear and accessories are also available, while visiting Record A Studios between now and 22nd December will unlock the Westside Fitted Cap for free. Improvements have also been implemented alongside the launch of The Contract, including fewer phone calls and texts being issued as invites to new gameplay, new Pause Menu Awards and Daily Objectives, a reduction to the daily fees required for Properties and Businesses, and LS Car Meet rep now rewarded for completing Auto Shop Contracts, Customer Deliveries, and Exotic Exports Deliveries.

Safe capacity in the Nightclub and Arcade has been increased, too, while regular GTA Online rewards this week include 2x GTA$ and RP on Transform Races, Weed Killer, and Welcoming Party, as well as prizes on offer at the LS Car Meet and The Diamond Casino & Resort's Lucky Wheel. Playing this week will also earn the Radio Lost Santos tee as another freebie. First-time completion bonuses for Dr. Dre's Contract are also on offer, with the completion of three Security Contracts between now and 22nd December granting a one-time GTA$200K payout bonus.

Prime Gaming members can also claim their usual GTA$100K just for playing anytime this week. Grand Theft Auto Online: The Contract is live now on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, alongside all of the latest bonuses and new content. Check out the launch trailer for GTA Online: The Contract below.

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