The Gunk Review A Sci-Fi Adventure That Sucks in a Good Way

The Gunk Review: A Sci-Fi Adventure That Sucks, in a Good Way

Matt Lorrigan

There was something about The Gunk that intrigued me from the very first moment I saw it. Originally revealed at the Xbox Game Showcase last year, the game’s alien world, Luigi's Mansion-style vacuum, and funky name have occupied the same part of my brain as titles like Call of the Sea and Journey to the Savage Planet did prior to release. Maybe I just like colourful, stylized worlds? Regardless, ever since, I’ve been waiting eagerly for its launch, unsure of what sort of game I’d end up playing, but excited nonetheless.

It certainly didn’t hurt that it was being made by Image & Form, the Swedish developer behind the excellent SteamWorld series, venturing out into its first 3D game - perhaps the studio's most ambitious game yet. Now, The Gunk is finally here, available to play on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and on day one through Xbox Game Pass, too. But is The Gunk worth playing, or is it simply a load of old muck?

Read our definitive The Gunk review to find out.

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