Skull & Bones Loses One of its Lead Developers

Skull & Bones Loses One of its Lead Developers

Matt Lorrigan

Ubisoft's long-in-development Skull & Bones game appears to have hit yet another hurdle, with Associate Game Director Antoine Henry announcing his departure from Ubisoft Singapore.

Henry joined Ubisoft in 2007, working on several titles, before moving to Ubisoft Singapore as Lead Designer on Skull & Bones in 2014. Henry then became Associate Game Director in 2017, and continued this role in 2021.

“Goodbye Ubisoft! After nearly 15 years, today was my last day. I'm thankful for the people I've met and what they brought me professionally and personally. Hopefully I was able to give back a little bit. On to new exciting adventures very soon,” said Henry in a statement.

Since its announcement in 2017, Skull & Bones has had a somewhat tumultuous development, and a report from 2020 suggested that the game had been rebooted within Ubisoft. This report was later confirmed when Ubisoft announced that Skull & Bones was moving forward with a “new vision”, and the game is new expected to launch between April 2022 and March 2023, following another delay.

Ubisoft Singapore, the studio behind Skull & Bones, is also currently being investigated for alleged sexual harassment and discrimination, along with several other Ubisoft studios and employees.

  • One of the few games I was looking forward to; goddammit Ubisoft!
  • I very much doubt this game will be anything like the game we've been waiting for all these years when/if it finally releases.

    Less Black Flag 2, more, Whale Squeezer 22 [packed to the gills with MT's, Live services and NFT's designed to milk us dry.]

    All we needed was a Black Flag 2, with more ships and more diving segments.
  • You thought Ubisoft was bad before, now you're going to see what they churn out when all they have left are the babies that thought they were there to party instead of work lol. Just like the comics industry is being flushed down the toilet now because we need diversity instead of actual stories and character building, the games industry isn't far behind, in fact their probably just ahead...
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