Halo Infinite's Free Fracture: Tenrai Event Returns With Much Improved Progression

Halo Infinite's Free Fracture: Tenrai Event Returns With Much Improved Progression

Matt Lorrigan

Halo Infinite's first free limited-time event, Fracture: Tenrai, has returned for its second week, and its brought with it several improvements to progression.

The original event was criticised for its slow progression, with players only able to progress through seven of the event's thirty reward tiers during a single week. Now, that number has been increased to a cap of ten reward tiers. Additionally, players will always have at least one active Event Challenge running now, so players don't need to use Challenge Swaps to make sure they are progressing.

One of the better changes coming, however, is the change to the reward content available in the free Event Pass. Challenge Swaps and XP Grants have now been replaced with cosmetic items, from Tier 10 and above. These items were previously meant to be premium items, but will now be available for free through the pass.

The second week of Fracture: Tenrai does appear to be offering a much better sense of progression - something that developer 343 Industries has been working on through the entire multiplayer offering, including the addition of a new Slayer playlist. The developer also recently put out an update for some of the game's bugged achievements and Quick Resume issues.

  • From 7 tiers to 10 is a big improvement? They still seem to be missing the point on why their progression system sucks. I’ve been avoiding multiplayer until the progression is in a better place..
  • Don’t care about that shit, haven’t touched this game since release.

    Just make good maps that people actually want to play.

    Or take the easy route like the video game industry always does and just remake all the classic halo maps that EVERYONE LOVES.

    Otherwise this is still DOA to me.
  • I bought the pass so kinda feel like I need to max it out. It’s been easier playing 3 games roughly a day and gaining level each day so am up to 80 already.

    I agree that most maps suck but the gunplay is so satisfying I am actually getting better and better even though there is no auto aim on pc. When it clicks it’s something to behold !
  • Played for the first time last week. Fuck people weren't wrong about the painfully slow progression. After an entire night of play and completing dozens of challenges I was level 2...
  • Then you did something wrong buddy. Playing 5 games alone should net you a level with each day refresh. That’s without all other challenges too… though admittedly that’s about an hour of your time per level each day…
  • Finishing all of this week's rewards net me... one complete set of armor and one color. One different piece on each part of the body and a color I don't even like.

    Improved? Not at all. This isn't even close to improved. And by the by, at one point I still had no event challenges and was forced to complete other challenges to continue working on them, so no, that is not fixed.
  • @wounded82. The big improvement isn't just that you can now get an extra 3 tiers this week, it's the fact that instead of most of the tiers being either xp grants or swaps they are now filled with all of the armour and colours that were originally going to be premium in store items.
  • People are just complaining to complain. I’ve been playing since November launch and progression is 3-4 times faster than it used to be. I hit 100 2 weeks ago only playing 6-7 hours a week. If you do just six matches a day and all your weeklies that will grant you around 12-13 levels a week. Using those double do tokens at the right now one will give you another 3-4 levels a week. Sorry you have to play the game to obtain items. I was upset at first too, but I am happy with the amount of improvements 343 has done in such a short time.
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