GTA Online is Adding a New Car and Double Rewards for Nightlife Leak Finale This Week

GTA Online is Adding a New Car and Double Rewards for Nightlife Leak Finale This Week

Matt Lorrigan

The first GTA Online update of the year is here, and this week, it's all about a brand new vehicle.

The Pfister Comet S2 Cabrio is now available to purchase at Legendary Motorsport, offering a vehicle that's light, fast, and easy to drive. This week also sees the return of four fan-favourite modes, with Every Bullet Counts, Hardest Target, Kill Quota, and Power Play all making a comeback - there's even triple XP and GTA$ to be earned in Power Play.

GTA Online finished up 2021 with a big expansion, The Contract, and players who complete the Nightlife Leak Finale this week will be able to grab double GTA$ and RP. Additionally, there's also double rewards available for Specialist+ Security Contracts.

If you're look for free stuff, there's a free Rockstar Studios Colours Sweater available to players who visit Record A Studios this week, and a free Orange DJ Pooh Tee for players who meet with Dr. Dre at the Los Santos Golf Cub and complete the intro to The Data Leaks. You can also nab yourself a free Minigun, too.

The Casino's Lucky Wheel top prize this week is The Coil Raiden, and electric sports car, and you can try out Vapid Dominator ASP, Dinka RT3000, and Übermacht Cypher on the test track this week. The final car up for grabs is the Annis Euros, as the reward for finishing in the top three in nine different pursuit races this week.

As for discounts, all MK II Weapons Mods are 50% off, and there's also a selection of vehicle discounts, which you can check out below.

  • 25% off Enus Deity
  • 50% off HVY Insurgent
  • 25% off TM-02 Khanjali
  • 40% off Rhino Tank
  • 40% off Anti-Aircraft Trailer
  • 30% off Överflöd Imorgon
  • 40% off Pfister Neon
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