Age of Empires IV Seemingly Being Tested for Potential Xbox Console Release

Age of Empires IV Seemingly Being Tested for Potential Xbox Console Release

Richard Walker

Microsoft appears to be testing an Xbox version of Relic Entertainment's acclaimed real-time strategy title, Age of Empires IV, ahead of a potential console release. Spotted by Twitter user ALumia_Italia, a new file uploaded for internal testing at Microsoft has apparently been uploaded to the Xbox Insider Hub.

The file uses the name ‘Cardinal’, which was the internal codename used by Microsoft for Age of Empires IV, and references Xbox platforms. Having launched for PC in October 2021, it'd be nice to see AoE 4 making the jump to console, enabling non-PC players to sample the historical RTS epic.

Presumably, the game would also launch to Xbox Game Pass, making the jump from PC to Xbox in much the same way Microsoft Flight Simulator successfully did in July 2021. Could Age of Empires IV be coming to Xbox soon, then? It seems entirely possible. Watch this space. And the launch trailer for the PC version below.

[VGC via Eurogamer]

  • Sign me the fuck up
  • Yeah I’d like to try this game, just not on my phone. Definitely would prefer a console version.
  • …had no idea it was for pc until I seen it at the bottom of the article lol, always thought it was just a mobile game.
  • @Yourburntstar
    Seriously why would a major age of empires game not be on pc, I can't see this working aswell with a controller and certainly if there cross play they'd definitely be at a disadvantage
  • It is already on PC, they are looking to port it to Xbox as well. I agree, thought, that rts games just aren’t as good with a controller. Even ones done well, like the Halo ones, are better with a mouse and keyboard. Waiting for my PC to show up tomorrow, AoE, Warcraft 3, and Heroes of Might and Magic will be among the first downloads…
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