Fortnite Battle Royale Update Adds Tornadoes and Lightning

Fortnite Battle Royale Update Adds Tornadoes and Lightning

Richard Walker

Epic Games has released a new update for Fornite, adding extreme weather to the game's Battle Royale Island, while unvaulting the handy Flare Gun. Head to the Island from today, and you can get swept up in tornadoes and lightning, the former available to exploit as a “swirling escape strategy”.

Hitching a ride on a high intensity tornado, you can use it to spin around and glide to safety, or wait until the twister spits you out. Furthermore, you won't take any fall damage upon being hurled from a tornado, so there's no need to worry about a harsh landing. During ‘Tornado Week’, live in Fortnite from now until 17th January at 9am ET, there's a higher percentage chance of encountering a tornado.

Tornadoes and lightning are not present in competitive playlists, and the unvaulted Flare Gun also won't feature in competitive playlists, as it's subject to “an evaluation period”. Both the Flare Gun and Shield Keg (and items like these) could be introduced to Fortnite competitive playlists following a 1-2 week evaluation during the current Season.

You can jump into Fortnite's Tornado Week now.

[Via Epic Games]

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