Shadow Man Remastered Could be Coming to Xbox Tomorrow According to Microsoft Store Listing

Shadow Man Remastered Could be Coming to Xbox Tomorrow According to Microsoft Store Listing

Richard Walker

It appears that cult classic Shadow Man Remastered may be making its way to Xbox tomorrow, according to a listing on the Microsoft Store. Based on the comic book series from Valiant Comics, Shadow Man first released for PlayStation 1, N64, Dreamcast, and PC in 1999, casting you in the role of the eponymous possessed man with a voodoo mask set into his chest.

Fighting criminals in the real and spirit worlds, Shadow Man trails evil across Liveside and Deadside in an effort to prevent an apocalypse and save your soul. Wielding voodoo powers and an arsenal of guns, you'll also be able to solve puzzles and even experience three new levels in the remaster, which includes more than 40 hours of cut-scenes and a complete overhaul of the game's audio and visuals, including HD textures.

'Summer Camp, Florida' (Day and Night);' Salvage Yard, Mojave Desert' (Day and Night); and ‘Asylum Station 2 - Experimentation Rooms’ are the three new levels on offer for the remaster, alongside restored animations, restored cut and censored models, various gameplay improvements, improved destructible objects, tweaked AI, levels rearranged to be as originally intended, and every secret from the N64, Dreamcast, and PC versions.

Shadow Man Remastered is seemingly set to launch for Xbox One on 13th January 2022, with 33 achievements and pricing yet to be determined. You can check out the launch trailer for the April 2021 PC version of Shadow Man Remastered below.

  • Well, it's about time. This game is underappreciated and fell under the radar.
  • The remaster is incredibly well done on PC. Keeps the same feel and atmosphere of the originals, while adding a ton of small quality of life changes. Nightdive continues to be one of my favorite developers currently.
    Also, they all but confirmed that the Powerslave remaster they're working on is coming to consoles as well.
  • Shadow Man 2 would be nice...but Sony probably owns that.
  • Pretty sure I played this on PS2 back in the day..
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