Hitman Trilogy Announced, Coming to Xbox Game Pass at Launch

Hitman Trilogy Announced, Coming to Xbox Game Pass at Launch

Matt Lorrigan

Developer IO Interactive has announced Hitman Trilogy, which will be launching on Xbox this time next week.

As the name suggests, Hitman Trilogy combined all three of the recent Hitman titles in the World of Assassination trilogy - Hitman, Hitman II, and Hitman III - into one package, giving new players all the tools they need to experience the entire trilogy from beginning to end.

On top of that, Hitman Trilogy will also be launching on Xbox Game Pass on launch day, giving Game Pass yet another reason to be the best deal in gaming. Alongside the announcement of Hitman Trilogy, IO Interactive also revealed more details about Hitman III's second year of content, including Agent 47's Safehouse and a new Freelancer mode - you can read all about them here.

Hitman Trilogy is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S via Xbox Game Pass, as well as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC on 20th January 2022.

  • I wonder if it's just Hitman 3 with all of the DLC included to play 1 & 2's levels, or if it's an entirely new game with it's own achievement list.
  • I believe it's just a collection of all three existing games bundled together. Should be the separate three lists we have now, 5500 Gamerscore in total. I doubt it'll be a new SKU with its own achievement list.
  • 3 separate games.
  • Well that'll be nice. Better if they can bring back some of those Elusive Targets and FOMO nonsense that kept me away from the series, but I'll probably give this a spin on the Pass.
  • Nice for those who haven’t bought all the HITMAN games, but I am one of those who always purchase these games day 1.

    Never even disappointed with any of my HITMAN purchases, going back even to the 360 days.
  • Never played these but going to jump in with this trilogy. At the very least to get a feel for what the next Bond game might play like.
  • What a great deal! I can absolutely recommend this series! Have played them all and they are a joy to play and play again and a developer that is actually worth supporting.
  • No there is no reason for Pants not to play them!
  • *Now
  • Best games the last 5 years. Get on it!
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