Shadow Man Remastered is Out Now For Xbox

Shadow Man Remastered is Out Now For Xbox

Richard Walker

Developer Nightdive Studios has today released Shadow Man Remastered for consoles, bringing the 1999 cult classic to Xbox and PlayStation, following a PC release in April 2021. The revamped version of the game includes up to 4K resolution, widescreen support, anti-aliasing, and range of other improvements.

Based upon the comic book series from Valiant, Shadow Man is a powerful supernatural hero who fights off the malevolent demonic denizens of Deadside, as they threaten to spill into the material world of Liveside. Shadow Man Remastered comes to consoles with restored animations, gameplay enhancements, and three new levels.

Cut and censored content has also been re-added, while secrets from the N64, Dreamcast, and PC versions are present and correct, alongside new HD textures, tweaked AI, improved destructibility, and more besides. You can check out the new launch trailer below for a quick look.

Shadow Man Remastered is available now for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4, priced $19.99/£16.74, with a Nintendo Switch release due on 17th January 2022. The game includes a list of 33 achievements to unlock.

  • @Blue n Gold Eel.

    Remastered nowadays seems to be an old ported version with a minor lick of paint.
    The Turok remaster was atrocious and I had fond memories of that game.
  • I blame COD remasters for the confusion considering they look like remakes. Now remakes are reimaginings, Remasters are supposed to be remakes, and updated port is a dirty word.
  • I've bought it and there are improvements, the textures have been upscaled and look great compared to the originals. The weapon wheel is a nice addition and the extra content is welcome too. Best of all it plays well and isn't buggy, I'm happy with my purchase even if it is mostly nostalgia.
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