Dying Light 2 Stay Human Shows Off Console Gameplay and Co-Op in Latest Video

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Shows Off Console Gameplay and Co-Op in Latest Video

Matt Lorrigan

Polish developer Techland dropped its final Dying 2 Know episode yesterday, revealing some new gameplay and showing off a few features for the first time.

Among other things, Dying 2 Know Episode 6 gave us our first look at the zombie parkour game running on consoles, showing off the PlayStation 4, Xbox One X, and PlayStation 5. It looks pretty good across both last-gen and current-gen, but we'd be surprised if it didn't considering the footage was hand-picked by the developer - we'll likely run our own comparison closer to the game's release.

We also got some new information on co-op, with up to four players able to play at once, which you can see in the co-op teaser section of the video below. It'll be quite a commitment to get four players together to play through all 500 hours of content promised in the game, but the twenty hours required to finish the main story seems much more manageable. And finally, we got a nice big new gameplay trailer, which dives into protagonist Aiden Caldwell's motivations and backstory.

You can check it all out - along with some other community updates, and a big thank you from the developers - in Dying 2 Know Episode 6 down below.

  • You forgot to mention it also shows Xbox Series X gameplay. I'm also glad to see them comfirm co-op, wasn't sure how I felt with that missing.
  • Still too far away... lol
  • The game is looking pretty slick, but I'm trying to avoid buying games for awhile to work on my backlog, both games & movies/shows.

    I will be buying Horizon Forbidden West day one though, but Dying Light 2 will wait for a few months.
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