Halo Infinite Warthog Skin and Double XP Token Now Available with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Halo Infinite Warthog Skin and Double XP Token Now Available with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Richard Walker

If you're an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber and you've already redeemed the Pass Tense MA40 AR skin for Halo Infinite, then perhaps you'll be interested to learn that the Pass Tense Warthog skin is also now available.

The latest monthly multiplayer bonus cosmetic for Halo Infinite players with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate memberships, the ‘Pass Tense’ Warthog Bundle Perk is available now and can be claimed until 8th February 2022 either via your console dashboard of the Xbox Game Pass app on mobile devices.

The bundle includes a metallic, almost pearlescent green for your Warthog, as well as a Challenge Swap and Double XP token, for good measure. Meanwhile, the Fracture: Tenrai event is also due to return to Halo Infinite multiplayer from 1st February until 7th February, for the third of six weeks with 30 tiers of rewards to unlock.

Halo Infinite is available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC - check out our review here. Also, you can expect Season Two of multiplayer and campaign co-op for Halo Infinite by May 2022.

  • Yeah, I pass. Finish your game first 343...
  • @1 LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! passing on free stuff? Man, the man babies get so mad over nothing.
  • @2 The game cost more than 500.000.000$ to launch and is still unfinished, if thats nothing to be mad about as a halo fan and consumer then I don't know what is... they wont change my opinion with free stuff for a game that I don't care about any more because they don't care about fixing it.
  • King Kennie, I have maxed out the campaign and spent dozens of hours in the multiplayer. I am curious as to what exactly isn't finished? Not hating at all just completely curious.
  • Co-op. It’s my favorite part but I don’t feel a need to take to the boards and complain. I really hope they are holding back to do something special like having the co-op player be a different Spartan besides just a Chief clone.
  • How does no co op mean a game is unfinished? By that games like Skyrim and Dark Souls are unfinished because they don't? I get the previous Halo games did but I don't see why Infinite needs it. I'll also say I am definitely not a fan boy, I didn't like the story or the open world. Just confused why so many people say the game is unfinished.
  • @chuppernicus

    Missing coop campaign
    missing forge
    only 10 maps (less than other halos at release)
    buggy interface
    no reconnect feature in ranked
    no lobby system
    no veto system
    only 1 ranked playlist
    no option to turn crossplay off
    no geo-splitting in PvP

    still curious?
  • @blackgreensoul

    Its actually really simple why people say that, because the devs told us that they can unfortunately not make it possible to bring coop campaign and forge into the game at release... they had the goal, everybody was expecting them to have the goal and it to be in the game and they did not make it = unfinished
  • Those are just features though. I can understand not being happy with it having less than what is custom or use too but I wouldn't call that unfinished personally but I understand why some people would feel that way. Thanks for clearing that up.
  • I wouldn't call a half-made burger unfinished either..

    Wait a minute.
  • It has a decent sized campaign and multiplayer. It doesn't need anything else to be "finished". You may not like the amount of content but that doesn't mean it is "unfinished". On that note isn't a half made hamburger a slider and therefore finished? lol
  • I think what it comes down to is what features were available in other Halo games and what they promised before release. Remember 343 said that the lack of couch co-op in Halo was a regretful decision and this game would bring it back. then before release they tell us it won't have ANY co-op until a later date. I've had fun with Infinite every time I've turned it on, but I can see why other gamers have issues. Not having a continuous MP lobby with rolling matches is a headscratcher too.
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