Halo Infinite is Cutting The Prices of its In-Game Cosmetics

Halo Infinite is Cutting The Prices of its In-Game Cosmetics

Matt Lorrigan

343 Industries is making changes to Halo Infinite's in-game shop, including reducing prices and offering “stronger values” in its bundles.

“We’ve been monitoring the discussions on the Shop, bundles, and pricing closely since launch,” said Halo Infinite head of design Jerry Hook on Twitter. “Using data and community feedback, we’re going to begin rolling out changes to how we package and price items in Halo Infinite – and it all starts next week.”

Beginning tomorrow, Tuesday 18th January, Halo Infinite players should notice that the shop experience has changed a bit, and will continue to vary week-to-week. “We are focused on reducing pricing across the board, providing stronger values in our bundles, starting to put individual items outside of bundles, and more,” Hook explains.

“We will be trying new things throughout the rest of the season so that we can continue to learn and improve for the future.”

While Halo Infinite's multiplayer gameplay is rock solid, its progression systems and rewards have been criticised since launch. Developer 343 has attempted to remedy the situation with updates, including the recent return of the Fracture: Tenrai event, but it seems that 343 still hasn't quite got the balance right in its first free-to-play Halo game.

  • Just make new maps. Cosmetics literally do NOTHING.

    Absolutely nothing.
  • How about making everything unlockable via in-game play?
  • How about letting us make our own armor color combinations. A lot of these presets are lame. And yes levels would be nice too.
  • I second new maps. And better maps too! At this point including updated ‘old favorites’ would even be nice..
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