GRID Legends Gets New Story Mode Gameplay, Introduces Ncuti Gatwa as Racing Rival

GRID Legends Gets New Story Mode Gameplay, Introduces Ncuti Gatwa as Racing Rival

Richard Walker

Codemasters has today offered a first look at gameplay from GRID Legends' Story Mode, ahead of the game's launch next month, as well as an introduction to award-winning actor Ncuti Gatwa, who will portray Valentin Manzi, a rival racer for the Voltz Racing team.

Manzi will drive the Tushek TS 900 Racer Pro hypercar, which makes its video game debut in GRID Legends - in real-life, only twelve of the hybrid cars - which is capable of a 380kph top speed - will be produced, but you'll be able to get behind the wheel in GRID Legends.

Titled ‘Driven to Glory’, GRID Legends' story promises high-stakes racing, with live-action opponents to take on across a range of real-world venues, including a street race in London. You can take a peek at the game's Story Mode in the latest gameplay trailer below.

GRID Legends launches for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC on 25th February, with more than 250 Career events to tackle and over 100 vehicles to drive, encompassing a range of racing disciplines, including open-wheel, big rigs, muscle cars, and more.

  • As someone who's played racing games for more than 3 decades (and is my most played genre) i can say that MOST racing game fans don't care about a story.

    I didn't watch that trailer and as long as Codies allows you to skip that crap, then i will consider buying it, if not they've lost a sale.
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