Battlefield 2042 Removes Zombies Mode to Stop XP Farming

Battlefield 2042 Removes Zombies Mode to Stop XP Farming

Matt Lorrigan

Developer DICE has removed Zombies, one of the official Portal modes, from Battlefield 2042 after players began using it to farm XP.

The mode was introduced last week, and saw players fending off huge amounts of AI enemies equipped only with knives. However, it soon became apparent that players could farm a ton of XP in a short space of time, by climbing to a high spot and easily taking down the ground-based, knife-wielding AI enemies.

“We’ve removed the Zombie’s mode and replaced with Gun Game. Hopefully we can fix it in the future and keep it in alignment with standard game progression,” said senior design director Justin Wiebe. “We’ve also tightened our review process to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Thanks for your patience and understanding.”

“I think there was potential for the mode but needs to go back into the workshop for a bit. Regardless, we need to be focusing on more important issues like improving core XP progression for BF Portal.”

Battlefield 2042 hasn't been in the best of shape since it launched - we thought it was one of the lesser games in the franchise in our review, and it's still receiving some pretty hefty bug fixes months after launch.

  • Translation.... "We purposely make our games to be problematic, so we can sell you the solution. Therefore, we took out this mode because we need our games to be grindy as hell and feel like it's another job for you. I mean how else are you going to spend money on microtransactions if you can easily farm XP?"

    It's been some years since I've bothered with a AAA title, as I find most of them suck, but that whole scene in terms of AAA publishers really is a cesspool of degenerates.
  • Zombies..

    Is it still 2008? I’m utterly baffled that people still find killing “waves of zombies” a fun thing to do when it comes to gaming.

    The industry a a whole has lost the sense of what gaming is.

    That’s why you see no name companies making more intriguing and fun to play games compared to AAA titles who just do it for the $

    …shit is a joke.
  • There’s no microtransactions in the game. The problem I think is not so much the developers it’s the publishers. The big companies with the money that fund the games, pay salaries and tell the leaders when to get the game out. It’s not the actual people making the game. Why would they want to make a crappy game?
    I like 2042. I play it most nights, even by myself. Still can’t be the unique objective focused combat. So many options.
    The portal mode is a super cool idea that can be expanded. While I liked the classes of the previous games, I’m digging the operators too. Fun game despite what the internet says despite never actually playing the game.
  • If this game was a pet dog it would be taken to the vet, and wouldn't be coming home again.......
  • Maybe you could award more XP in the other game modes so players wouldn't be tempted to boost your lazy zombies mode? Nah, just remove a mode.
  • It’s already easy to farm xp with the recon drone in 128 player matches. But you get nothing beyond a higher player level, so what’s the point?
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