Halo Infinite Has Grappled 20 Million Players, Making it Halo's Biggest Launch

Halo Infinite Has Grappled 20 Million Players, Making it Halo's Biggest Launch

Matt Lorrigan

Halo Infinite has passed 20 million players since it launched last year, developer 343 Industries has announced.

Available as part of Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass subscription, this number makes Halo Infinite the “biggest launch in Halo franchise history”, according to the developer.

“Thank you, everyone, for joining us on the next step in this great journey,” said a statement from 343.

These are impressive numbers for Halo, but there's a lot that goes unanswered by that 20 million figure. Halo Infinite's multiplayer and campaign launched separately, with the multiplayer arriving first, and the campaign coming later - we can't help but wonder how those 20 million players were split across those two modes.

Halo Infinite's multiplayer gameplay has been generally more warmly received than the campaign, although the slow multiplayer progression has continuingly been criticised by players, despite the developer's attempts to speed things up. You can read our Halo Infinite multiplayer impressions here, as well as our full Halo Infinite campaign review here.

  • Love both the SP and MP, a great entry to the franchise
  • @Gonin - love to hear it mate!
  • Well considering there is about 20 million more gamers than there was in prior releases it’s really not to surprising.

    And the fact that they made it free for gamepass definitely helps push those numbers higher than if they made you pay for it.
  • @Yourburnstar - There may be more gamers now, but there are also countless more games to play and GaaS / Live Service games vying for your time.

    20 million is the healthiest this series has looked for a long time.

    The point about F2P is valid, and is obviously part of the strategy. Halop MP is F2P, maybe you buy cosmetics, maybe you like it wan wanna play Campaign, so you sub to GP for a while, then maybe you spot some other games, you keep subbing etc.
  • @Derviois, Nurnstar is right. This Numbers are for ppl that may have played a single MP game or tried campaign for an hour. If anything it should be news if new entry doesn’t exceed previous one on well established franchise… every year millions more ppl escape to gaming so it’s not real news that this is the best launch yet…
  • Wonder how many are throw away hacker accounts. Playing the multiplayer I'd have to guess half...
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