The Mortal Kombat Movie is Getting a Sequel

The Mortal Kombat Movie is Getting a Sequel

Matt Lorrigan

Last year's Mortal Kombat movie is getting a sequel, Deadline reports.

The blockbuster movie based on the hyper-violent fighting game series of the same name is gearing up for a second round, with Jeremy Slater (known for The Umbrella Academy and the upcoming Moon Knight series) set to write the script.

The 2021 Mortal Kombat movie released at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2021, hitting cinemas and launching as a “premiere at home” release simultaneously. Despite this, it still managed to be a moderate success, grabbing over $80 million at the box office against a $55 million budget.

No other details for the sequel have been confirmed as of yet. In the meantime, you can refresh yourself with the original trailer for Mortal Kombat down below.

  • what a bad movie.

    The main character was bland , unintresting and couldn`t act.

    The first 10 minutes were great after that it went downhill pretty fast.
  • Movie was so disrespectful to even exist did not do the Mortal Kombat series justice at all
  • I thought it was alright. Don't know why they created a new character for it, but the fights were cool and I wasn't expecting much more than that.
  • @the pants party . i thought the same thing. it's a movie based on a fighting video game.
  • Loved it and looking forward to a sequel.
  • If you went into a Mortal Kombat movie expecting a stellar plot and acting...well, youre kinda setting yourself up for dissapointment

    The action was cool, Kano was an over the top pos, the Scorpion/Sub Zero fight in the gym was incredible. Overall, one of the better videogame adaptations we've gotten.

    Certainly better than that new resident evil movie.
  • I enjoyed it for what it was, a stupid enjoyable videogame movie. I'm all in for the sequel.
  • Was it bad ? Yes. Was it THAT bad ? No.
    It's far better than many adapatations from past years (the RE reboot being a good example) and to be honest, making a movie from a VG plot is no easy feat. I mean MK story mode is 3 lines tops each time (vilains arrives. heroes fight back. Betrayal at some point. End). We're not even pleased with most games plot IN GAMES when we're talking shit about sequels/prequels. How could a movie made from such material be expected to be a masterpiece ? It had lame characters and acting (just like any MK game) but most fight scenes were enjoyable and that's what we're really here for in the end. I'll watch that sequel to make my brain rest a bit while doing it. Fine by me.
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