Mortal Kombat 12 Teased by NetherRealm

Mortal Kombat 12 Teased by NetherRealm

Matt Lorrigan

NetherRealm Studio's Jonathan Anderson appears to have “accidentally” revealed the existence of Mortal Kombat 12 (and possibly its announcement trailer) on Twitter.

Anderson posted a photo on Twitter of marketing material and concept art from Mortal Kombat and Injustice, before quickly taking it down only a few minutes later. Of course, the Mortal Kombat subreddit picked it up pretty quickly, and found a few references to Mortal Kombat 12 on Anderson's monitor in the background.

One file appears to be listed as “MK12_Master”, while a short glimpse at an email on the screen gives us the following snippets from a paragraph.

“Do not” … “share any part of this video, nor any” … “our fans eagerly scrape the internet for any trace” … “take extra care with this material”.

Now, in reality, its exceptionally unlikely that this was an accidental leak. NetherRealm has a history with teasing its upcoming announcements, and its likely that this leak is completely intentional, ahead of a full reveal in the near future. Perhaps in the rumoured PlayStation State of Play next month? Or maybe this is the first tease in a breadcrumb trail leading up to E3 or Summer Game Fest? Hopefully, we'll be seeing the next Mortal Kombat game sooner rather than later.

mk12-leak-twitter-reddit_dd0a98de-516c-4c5a-ba99-ee1a110cf78f.jpgImage from @Jandy_NRS on Twitter, via Reddit
  • Mmm.. Juggle Kombat 12!
  • It was inevitable, but so glad this is looking like a sure thing!
  • Injustice is good but there's something special about getting to tear your opponents head off after the fight, so glad it's MK there working on instead of Injustice 3.
  • Agree, Darth. While I like the Injustice games, I don't like 3-button k/combat and just have more love for MK games, I guess. Still, I'd like to see reworked gameplay as the old "juggle kombat" mechanics have been feeling stale for a few games now.
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