SSFIV and Lost Planet Slip Out of Q1 2010

Dan Webb

Capcom in their revised forecast for their current financial year, ending March 31st 2010, revealed that a few of their originally planned Q1 2010 titles would be pushed back to "avoid competing with the major titles that other companies plan to introduce in the 4th quarter."

The delayed titles include Lost Planet 2 and Super Street Fighter IV which will now see the light of day in Capcom's next financial year, between April 2010 and March 2011. This window also includes the release of Dead Rising 2 and "other major titles."

As far as new release windows go, Capcom didn't specify but they did add that they would be "spread across all four quarters of the fiscal year to prevent an excessive contribution from new titles in the 4th quarter."

Hardly surprising after seeing the line-up in Q1 2010. Dark Void however remains on track for its January release, but Capcom has cut in half its forecast from 1.3 million units sold to just 600,000.

[Via IGN]


  • LAME.
  • No big deal. Not as if there aren't any decent games out between now and then.
  • so does that mean dead rising isn't Q 1? if so that sucks =
  • maybe they need time to think of a better reason for people to buy SSF4
  • Now all that's left is for other companies to tell us when most of their games are coming out because i doubt after all the delays of this year they are going to start keeping their word.
  • Capcom isn't all that good anyways.
  • #7 >Capcom isn't all that good anymore. Fixed.
  • Just annouce Devil May Cry 5 already!
  • @#3 - Dead Rising 2 has never been Q1 as far as I know. More like Q3/Q4.
  • There are enough good games coming out already in Q1. This is good news in my book, I can save money for those games for later.
  • Capcom for the Win!
  • #9 I know right? They really Devil May Cry 5
  • Lol Dark Void sent to die by the sounds of it. Shame it looked decent too
  • So many delays lately. But it's alright since there's tons of good games that just came out and are coming out anyway.
  • I have too many games to play right now anyway. This is a good thing. Can't wait for LP2 tho.
  • # 3 Dead Rising 2 comes out in fall of 2010 As goes for SSFIV Ill be buying that, cant wait
  • article is wrong it is suppose to be to avoid competing with first quarter games done by other companies!!! im ticked i just paid lp2 and was so eager for it guess i have to wait again...again...
  • super street fighter 4 turbo will be announced before its realeased at this rate.
  • Dark Void will fail in my personal opinion. . . .I just dont see the reserves for it. . .
  • @7 & 8 How is Capcom not good (anymore)? Other than Bionic Commando which they let awful licensed games developer Grin ruin they still release awesome games. Devil May Cry 4 Street Fighter 4 Lost Planet Dead Rising Mega Man 9 Resident Evil 5 Tatsunoku vs Capcom Re-releasing Marvel vs Capcom 2 Monster Hunter series (niche but well received critically) Those are just recent titles. All of which have been not only published by Capcom but developed by them too. You could realistically extend the list to include games like Okami if you wanted. Really, I'd say Capcom is the most consistently excellent game development company out there for the sheer volume of games they put out.
  • Good news imo. I was worried about needing to skip Bioshock 2 and Dantes Inferno for Lost Planet 2 and SSFIV. Now i might get the time for all of them and play them while their still new. If i dont buy a game at release i usually never buy it because new games come out all the time.
  • No one is buying their games anyway... lol
  • @ # 21 Although I agree that Capcom have been consistently excellent for many a year now (SF4 this year is proof they are still going strong), I would disagree with the listing of Resident Evil 5, which was utter dump, and Devil May Cry 4, which although wasn't as diabolical as the former, was in no way the best in the series (the original or DMC3 ftw there). I think it true to say that most Japanese developers on the whole have lost ground over recent years, with a number of franchises being overturned by western efforts (PES and FIFA immediately spring to mind). However God bless Hideki Kamiya (ex Capcom and DMC creator), as Bayonetta looks to be a return to form for the Far East.
  • It sucks for everyone wanting this, but I wasn't planning on getting this until the summer anyway. By February the BF:Bad Company 2 demo should be released and with SC:Conviction and Mass Effect 2 releasing early next year. There is also the PS3 exclusives early next, MAG and GOW3 .
  • @23 ... Oh yes they are. And that's a fact. At least Capcom are honest about doing it for the money.
  • I can live with it as there is so much coming next year, and 90% of the times games get held back is better for them as they add improvements and allsorts, slipping for Q1 is fine for me as long as I get them before 2011 im happy.
  • lol, wasn't dead rising 2 originally scheduled to come out last september? i feel like it's never going to be released..
  • As long as these don't get held even further, this is good news far as I'm concerned.
  • Oh great Dark Void, the only one of those games I couldn't give a toss about.
  • I'm still waiting for DNF any news on that 1? lol and itsnice to see cap has faith in there own games.. ah well been waiting ages for AWake few more months wont hurt and same with LP2.. will give me times to finish the 8games in getting in Jan/feb.. >.< 2010 an expensive year for gaming i need that 3rd job
  • were did i get Awake from O_o i need another drink.. not worried about SSFIV though soon as they left the arcade cabnet not intrested haha
  • how many more games are going to be delayed because Q1 2010 is now crowded? at this rate, we wont see some games until autumn next year and the summer will still be a drought as always.
  • Totally agree #33 For christmas everyone delayed their games because they fear cod mw2 (despite they now everyone will release aound early 2010)and now the other excuse is that they will be too much games in q1 2010. And honestly, i don't what game can compete with SSF4, It's would have been the only fighting game available!!!! It's very stupid.
  • Gamers are such snobs. Just can't get enough gaming in one sitting can we? It's more than OK that they delay these titles. Seriously how many games are coming out in the first part of the year? I lost count at how many I have pre-ordered. If they push these into the summer it would be very welcome.
  • damn making me wait for my dead rising 2. was looking forward to SSF4 as well. im glad i waited and didnt get SF4 when it first came out.
  • well in a way thats good news al least it gives me more time to grow my money tree with the amount of games out in the next year and the amout of games that came this year bloodyhell it cost me a fortune
  • @capcom haters Even if you aren't satisfied with their games, they're bringing in good numbers and blockbuster titles, games that command magazine pages and get people reserving and buying games they don't even know anything about (that includes the often disputed RE 5 and DMC 4). This means their fan-base is still huge ( anybody?), if not growing, so to me your opinions sound like just that, opinions, with no real weight aside from personal bias. With that in mind, I wish you wouldn't speak as if you speak for all of us. Dissapointed about Lost Planet & SSF IV, but I'll be too busy pumping incendiary buckshot into the geth army to cry over either one of those games.
  • Does anyone know who's developing Dark Void? I remeber hearing something about the crimson skies folks being connected to this, but that doesn't sound right (I think they closed their doors not too long ago)...I realize I could investigate myself, but why do that when there's so many educated individuals in one place.
  • i want LP2 now i will kill myself if its delayed to 2011
  • Smart Move. Not stoked about any of those games anyways.
  • LP2 looks ok, i didn't like the demo though but it was just a demo. SSFIV is a cash in, but hey if people like it then its the right thing to do. I'm somewhat eager to try Dark Void. It seems to actually have some creativity in it. Dead Rising 2, ummm sorry but i'll pass. WAYYYY OFF TOPIC MAG is a joke imo by the way. GoW3 might make me buy a PS3 finally. Used though of course.
  • Bad news about Lost Planet 2 considering it's the closest thing to monster hunter we'll get on next-gen consoles. Good news about SSF4 Though, I'm still pissed this is an actual retail release & not DLC.
  • @#44 is it a retail game? wow, i never knew that lmao thought it was just gonna be an arcade release. lost planet 2 demo seemed a bit of a let down imo, but it was smart i guess.
  • I need lost planet 2 aswell =(
  • whats the difference between sf4 and ssf4?
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