'Monster Hunter-style' Xbox-Exclusive Reportedly in Development at Certain Affinity

'Monster Hunter-style' Xbox-Exclusive Reportedly in Development at Certain Affinity

Richard Walker

Halo Infinite support studio Certain Affinity is reportedly rustling up a new “Monster Hunter-like” game, exclusively for Xbox. That's according to rumours from Jeff Grubb of Gamebeat, talking on his ‘Grubbsnax’ show.

Reports also corroborated by “separate sources” cited on Windows Central (via VideoGamer) support the rumblings of an Xbox-exclusive Monster Hunter-style project in the works under the codename ‘Project Suerte’, which has apparently been in the pipeline at Certain Affinity since 2020.

Indeed, the studio put out a recruitment call for “a new original IP” last year, looking for staff to join the project in “a genre and style” that the team has “always loved”. The listing adds that “the particulars of this new game are still VERY much under wraps".

And, at present, details are still relatively thin on the ground regarding Project Suerte, although, should the rumours of a Monster Hunter-like project prove accurate, we'll be looking at epic battles with colossal beasties, perhaps with co-op play to boot.

Apparently, it won't be until 2023 that we get the first concrete info on Project Suerte, with a view to launch sometime in 2024 exclusively for Xbox. Of course, confirmation or acknowledgement of the game isn't forthcoming from Microsoft or Certain Affinity, so for now, we'll file this one under 'take with pinch of salt'.

  • I'll just stick with Monster Hunter
  • Maybe we finally dont have to deal with a UI from PS1 anymore :)
  • @King Kennie series was never on ps1 lol
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