Halo TV Series Gets a New Trailer, With Energy Swords, Elites, and Cortana

Halo TV Series Gets a New Trailer, With Energy Swords, Elites, and Cortana

Matt Lorrigan

Paramount has dropped the first proper trailer for the upcoming Halo TV show, which will begin streaming on Paramount+ in the US on 24th March 2022.

This new trailer gives us our best look yet at tons of returning characters and iconic visual elements from the Halo video games. Here we see the Master Chief himself, taking on a pair of covenant Elites, among other enemies. There's Warthogs, Battle Rifles, Energy Swords, and, of course, Cortana, voiced by none other than Jen Taylor herself. Although she is a little less… blue… than we're used to.

While the US (and other locations with Paramount+) now have a release date, it's unclear when the series will be arriving in countries like the UK, where the service is yet to launch. You can check out the trailer for yourself down below.

  • My favorite part of the trailer was when he touched a forerunner artifact that gave him human emotions, like Shepherd from Mass Effect

    I know they said this show was going to be in a timeline seoarate from the games/books, but seeing the proof of that really turns me off.
  • Unsurprisingly looks like complete ass.
  • Fail.

    They went about this all wrong. Very disappointing
  • I'm not a huge Halo fan by any stretch and I barely know any of the lore, so this looks okay to me. However Cortana looks awful, I hope they pull a Sonic and fix that.
  • Man, I’ve been a huge Halo fan since the beginning and I think it looks awesome..
  • Same as #4. Please pull a Sonic on Cortana.
    It's not that she's not like her game self... She's just plain creepy.

    Other than that... I'll proly watch it but I'm not expecting much.
  • Non canon = non interest.
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