Battlefield 2042 Season One Has Been Delayed Until 'Early Summer'

Battlefield 2042 Season One Has Been Delayed Until 'Early Summer'

Richard Walker

DICE has announced that Battlefield 2042's planned Season One has been delayed until later this year, having been expected to drop sometime in March. The latest in a long line of updates is also in the pipeline, the details of which can be found here.

“You’ve waited patiently to hear from us on what we’re doing to address the issues with Battlefield 2042 that you have told us about, and the direction you can expect to see us take in the months ahead,” the developer stated on Twitter.

“Today we are stating our team’s commitment to bring the game up to the highest standards that we all hold for the franchise. After the release of an update in early March, which includes improvements to scoreboards, subsequent updates will prioritize work that will include:

  • Voice communication (VOIP) & player profile
  • A tighter squad loop, including a refined ping system
  • Feedback-based improvements to gunplay
  • Improved reward loop
  • Expanded tools, modes, and tweaks to player experience in Battlefield Portal".

DICE's statement concludes: “We’ve had to make some big decisions to ensure that our next set of updates can be focused on delivering these improvements, with the most substantial one being to move the release date of our first Season to early Summer”.

With the arrival of Battlefield 2042 Season One, DICE has plans to introduce a total of four seasons, with four new Specialists, new locations, and “more new content”. Meanwhile, anyone who purchased the Gold or Ultimate Edition of Battlefield 2042 will be compensated for the delay with a ‘Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle’, which includes the ‘Zero Resistance’ Specialist skin for Mackay, two weapon skins, a vehicle skin, melee weapon, player card background, and player card icon.

Battlefield 2042 is available for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC - you can check out our review here.

  • Wow what a shitshow. It's almost, and bear with me here with this wild insane idea, it wasn't ready for release when it came out. If only there was some sort of beta test and feedback given from the community who loves this franchise.
  • @HD It HAD a beta, and the beta was a complete shitshow. Problem was, so many hardcore bf fans (on this site included) kept repeating the same defenses "its a months old beta" "itll be fixed by launch". Honestly, they got what they deserved.
  • Not sure why people would think issues in the beta would be fixed by release. When has that ever happened in the last 3 BF games?
  • It is the game that’s cool to hate. Too each their own.

    I tend to look at games for what they are, not what they aren’t. Makes gaming enjoyable still.

    I’m enjoying it solo and with friends nightly. Holding out till the last ticket is used on Defense or taking the 2nd point with one ticket left or overtime is still a blast. Picking guys up as Faulk and shooting down choppers, changing attachments on the fly. I like the operators and I didn’t think I would.
    It’s different. But still fun. Being part of the chaos as 42 guys storm a point the other team retook is a rush, tanks rushing in, bullets flying and smokes to cover the advance. Super fun. That aspect of Battlefield is still there. It’s more than deathmatch with objectives.

    There’s issues yes. I dont need a scoreboard to have fun. Did we win? Do I think I performed well? Cool. I wish crossplay was off by default. Can’t wait for VOIP.
  • You'd think after the legal shit show that was Battlefield 4s launch that EA would've actually tried this time...
  • I love it Chuppernicus!! I don’t even play this but that is definitely right idea to have with most hobbies in life. Definitely makes them more enjoyable:-)
  • @Chupper & Viny, I haven't bought a BF game in ages, but this can be a slippery slope that enables low standards and poor quality, which it seems like we're already there with so many of these AAA games. This would never be acceptable in any other form, so why should it be acceptable here? Because it's a video game / hobby? No, if you paid for something, you expect it to work properly, regardless of what it is, end of story.

    You wouldn't buy a microwave that released black smoke out the vents every time you used it and and say, yeah but let's look at it for what it is, instead of what it's not. You see it for emitting smoke, but I see it for when you press the number 2, it knows to cook for two minutes. You're both entitled to your opinion, but to me, that's a crazy way of thinking.
  • Your training has no merit. We all look to microwave for pretty much same function, whereas media is something we all look to for different things.

    The game is playable still and apparently there are things for some to enjoy. No one thing is perfect though few come close. That’s all he’s saying. Should it be standard? No. But it all comes down to individual opinion like you said. For some it’s worth spending money even if it’s not finished…
  • @the last antidote
    I get it. I’m talking more about the outcry of missing “features”. Things like scoreboards, number of weapons, maps etc. What is there, feature wise is fun. Portal is just crazy cool what you can do.

    To me the broken parts aren’t acceptable either. Weapon load outs being lost. I’d get the glitch and my two buddies would be fine. The game would freeze. That all seems to be fixed. For the most part the game runs and works. It’s crashed once or twice during matchmaking but that happens in most games rarely too unfortunately. I can get into a match & play without issues.
  • @Vinylek, I hear what you're saying about the game still being playable and media providing different things, whereas a microwave serves one function, but I'm speaking more from a wider scope.

    Meaning, if customers are ok with paying for a product and accept if the product is broken or unfinished after buying it, that then gives the maker of the product little incentive to provide a working/finished product, regardless of the type of product.

    And if we want to get technical about how a microwave serves one function, a video game has one function too, which is to be interacted with...Just like how you can only cook with a microwave, you can only interact with a video game. What experience you get out of that interaction is certainly different.

    @Chuppernicus, It's good that you can overlook the minor issues to enjoy the game. Also, good on you for being the type of person who looks for the silver lining in something like this. I admittedly, just can't bring myself to accept paying for a product that's supposed to work/be finished or feature complete, and be ok with it when it's not..
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