Red Dead Online has Trader Bonuses, Featured Series Bonuses, and Other Rewards Throughout February

Red Dead Online has Trader Bonuses, Featured Series Bonuses, and Other Rewards Throughout February

Richard Walker

Rockstar has unveiled the latest bonuses available in Red Dead Online, with special events offering extra rewards for Specialist Roles and in Showdown Modes, as well as month-long Trader Bonuses, and double rewards (2x RDO$ and XP) across Free Roam Missions, Plunder, and Call to Arms.

Trappers and merchants (including Butchers and Gus Macmillan) are offering an additional 50% RDO$ payout for all Pelts during the whole of February, while turning in Pelts as Materials for Cripps will have an increased value. Trader Sales made this month will also award double the usual RDO$.

Tackle a Trade Route Free Roam Event and you can bag 2x Character and Role XP, and any Traders playing Red Dead Online anytime in February can snag 10 Predator bait, whereas Naturalists can claim 10 Blending Tonics. Completing the A Land of Opportunities ‘Love and Honor' mission this month will add the free Morning Tail Coat to your wardrobe, too.

February also brings with it new Featured Series bonuses, accessible via the Red Dead Online main menu. The Featured Series calendar is as follows:

February 1-7: Hardcore Elimination Series

  • Create a custom Outfit to receive an Offer for 50% off any Camp Dog.
  • Visit your Camp's Stew Pot to see Cripps' Special Stew recipe and make it anytime this week to receive a free The Hobo Life 1 Outfit for Cripps to wear.

February 8-14: New Hanover Series

  • Craft an Item while at your Campfire to receive the Pink Camp Flag.
  • Track down, find, and hunt any Legendary Animal to receive a red version of the Cornhill Hat.
  • Protect the town of Valentine from attackers in Call to Arms this week and reach Wave 3 to receive a red Chuparosa Poncho.
  • Play anytime this week to receive 5 Fine Brandies and 10 Chocolate Bars to spoil your beloved with — or enjoy them all by yourself… no judgment here!
  • Win any Featured Series to receive an Offer for 5 Gold Bars off the Butcher's Table.

February 15-21: Sport of Kings and Last Stand Series

  • Owners of a Large Camp will receive an Offer for 50% off a Camp Tent.
  • Complete a Trader Sell Mission and completely fill up your Trader Materials to receive an additional 2,000 Trader XP.

February 22-28: Tumbleweed Series

  • Play this week's Featured Series to receive an Offer for 30% off a Deluxe Campfire.
  • Craft any item at Gus' store to receive a red pair of Mountfleet Gloves.

Last, but not least, there are discounts to be had, with all Corsets, Top Hats, Ties, Dresses, and Barber services 50% off for Valentine's Day dress-up, while specific clothing items are on offer, with 50% off Brass Spectacles, 60% off the Flixton Hat, and 40% off the Glenwood Coat, and all Boots.

For Naturalists, The Sample Kit from Harriet Davenport is yours for 5 Gold Bars less, and Legendary Animal Pheromones for 70% off, as well. Head to Gus Macmillan, and he'll sell you the Ram Horn Trinket for 40% off, as budding Naturalists can get their mitts on the Varmint Rifle for 75% off at all Gunsmiths. You can take 40% off the Carcano Rifle and Trader Role Outfits, as well as Missouri Fox Trotter horse breeds from the Stables.

All Camp upkeep, setup, and relocation fees are waived during February, and Prime Gaming members can help themselves to a Reward for a free pair of Pants and an Offer for 30% off an Arabian Horse until 28th February. You can take advantage of all the latest rewards and bonuses in Red Dead Online now, for the entirety of February.

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