Halo Infinite Forge and Campaign Co-op Progress Update Delayed

Halo Infinite Forge and Campaign Co-op Progress Update Delayed

Matt Lorrigan

Halo Infinite's roadmap for the upcoming releases of Forge and campaign co-op has been delayed slightly.

Joseph Staten, the head of creative on Halo Infinite, has previously said that Forge and campaign co-op wouldn't release before May 2022 at the earliest. At the same time, he said that developer 343 would update players on these two features in January. However, since we're now in February, Staten  has confirmed that the update has been delayed slightly, but will be coming soon.

“Hey folks. In November, I said we'd have a Halo Infinite update on our Seasonal roadmap, Co-Op, and Forge in January. We need more time to finalize our plans so what we share is something you can rely on. This work is my top priority, and we'll have an update as soon as we can,” said Staten in a tweet.

With Forge mode on the horizon for Halo Infinite, it seems a brand new multiplayer mode could be arriving alongside it. According to the rumour, support studio Certain Affinity is working on a Forge-related multiplayer mode aiming to target more casual players.

  • Well no shit. People are annoying giving Halo positive scores saying the rest of the feature modes are "coming soon".

    I know "soon" is relative term for some people but the fact that this will be a full Halo experience only almost a year after launch says it all.

    I guess that's good enough for modern gamers but I'm not the only one that hasn't touched Halo Infinite since beating the Campaign. I

    I'm looking forward to replaying campaign even with other people but giving this game positive reception it doesn't deserve because the long-game hasn't been patched in yet has me wishing people had the backbone to say they were wrong about the "the best Halo yet" back in December. Whatever.
  • Lol, there was that dude here last week getting mad cuz people say Infinite is unfinished. Still seems like an unfinished product to me..
  • I have yet to even touch the game and I don't plan to until they get their crap in order. I'm tired of supporting any game developer that can't manage to release a completed project. This is the first halo that I have not played week 1.
  • I played it a lot and loved. I wish I could play in coop with buds like I always have done but if I did I’d probably play campaign once so this will give me great reason to replay later down the line. MP has been stellar, other than cosmetic items everyone seems to be crying about , it’s hard to complain. So why are you complaining lol I suppose if forge and co op is all you do, then you’ll just have to wait. Big deal?
  • I like to choose when I'm gonna co-op the campaign on legendary. Not have the developer patch in more content when THEY THINK I'm ready for it.
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