Ghostwire: Tokyo Won't Be Coming to Xbox Until March 2023 at the Earliest

Ghostwire: Tokyo Won't Be Coming to Xbox Until March 2023 at the Earliest

Matt Lorrigan

Bethesda's upcoming PlayStation 5 (and PC) exclusive Ghostwire: Tokyo won't be coming to Xbox platforms until 25th March 2023 at the earliest.

Much like fellow Bethesda PS5-exclusive Deathloop before it, it appears that Ghostwire: Tokyo will have a one-year exclusivity deal on PlayStation 5, with the most recent showcase for the game ending with the notice that the game is "not available on other consoles until at least 03/25/23 (or 25/03/23, for those of us outside of the US).

Of course, with Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda back in 2020, it's extremely likely that both Ghostwire: Tokyo and Deathloop will arrive on Xbox consoles as soon as contractually possible. We'd expect them to launch on Xbox Game Pass as well, given that they are now technically first-party titles.

If you're interested in Ghostwire: Tokyo, and you're not repulsed by the mention of PlayStation consoles, you can check out more about the game from yesterday's showcase down below. Just be aware that you've got a while to wait until you'll be able to play it on Xbox!

  • Yeah they had alreasy said that this and deathloop will have 1 year timed exclusive instead of full exclusive
  • Oh nice, I thought this was a full exclusive. I can easily wait a year.
  • Like most games lately I'm sure it'll be better for a year wait anyway! Give them time to fix the inevitable "launch issues" that games come with nowadays. ;)
  • Deathliop is fucking incredible. No issues at all and that along with Returnsl must be two best games (issue free too, as far as I could tell) of last year for me. Glad you will get to play at least one of you don’t own PS5:-)
  • @#4 I actually though Deathloop was very average, returnal was good though.
  • I liked the premise of Deathloop, bought it for PC. But there's just something about playing games on a console that's easier. I've the only PC game I've beaten on PC in the last 6+ years is Death Stranding (twice) which I beat on PS4 when it released. I'd rather play any game on my Xbox then on any other system I have.
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