Dying Light 2 Hotfix Coming to Xbox Soon

Dying Light 2 Hotfix Coming to Xbox Soon

Matt Lorrigan

Developer Techland is launching a hotfix for the Xbox versions of Dying Light 2 this week, adding in a new 60+ FPS mode and fixing multiple bugs.

On Xbox Series X, players will be able to boost the frame rate beyond 60FPS, with VRR enabled to keep everything looking smooth, on monitors that support it. That's the only new feature coming in the hotfix, however, and there's plenty of bugs getting squashed as well. The new fixes ready for implementation in the next patch include connection stability issues, occasional immortal AI in co-op, a few game-crashing bugs, a glitch that stopped players selling valuables, and a bug within the music streamer mode, among others. There's also improvements coming to game balance and performance.

Techland also detailed fixes and changes that it is still working on for the future, including additional video settings, such as motion blur; adding backup saves; fixing some story blocks; and adding English VO options even if the local language isn't English.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is out now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. You can check out our full review of the game right here, and read the full hotfix patch notes down below.

  • I've encountered a large number of bugs in this game lol
  • Haven’t played this game, nor do I plan to cause it just doesn’t entice me.

    But I find it very comical that once again, a game at release date is fucked.

    …who would’ve thought.
  • The game took around 20 years to come out, and is still a fucking mess. I think I'll wait...
  • Is it a coincidence that a large portion of the bugs are co-op related, and the game launched with no crossplay or crossgen support?
  • cross play is coming in march maybe
  • Not surprised. Better off getting it in cheap sale or better still chipped version. It’s clear these lazy developers/programmers don’t deserve our cash if they continue to release broken game after broken.
  • Everyone complaining is on a og xbox, no issues at all for me on series x
  • I know plenty that are having issues with at least one achievement or more.
  • I'm 20+ Hours in. While no 4K 60 fps is a bummer, the game is great. No issues so far.
  • @Goggs - While games can be duly criticised for bugs and technical issues, thtat 'lazy devs' rhetoric can go and get in the bin.

    Modern games, especially in the AAA space are the culmination of thousands of hours of work from hundreds of developers, often unperiad and forced to endure crunch for protracted lengths of time.

    There can be all sorts of reasons for technical issues at launch, these are complicated pieces of software, but they can rightly critiqued when charging money for that. Just undersrand these are humans, many of which will have endured huge amounts of stress to deliver by a certain date.

    It isn't laziness, by any means.
  • @Licenze - I know of at least two members on this site who are both playing on the XSX and are having achievement issues, and neither of them are playing in co-op.
  • does this mean our frames will be unlocked for quality and resolution mode? was really hoping for a 4k 60 mode. im sure the series x could handle it
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