The Wolf Among Us 2 is Getting a Brand New Trailer Tomorrow

The Wolf Among Us 2 is Getting a Brand New Trailer Tomorrow

Matt Lorrigan

Telltale Games has announced that a behind-the-scenes look at The Wolf Among Us 2, hosted by Geoff Keighley, will be broadcast tomorrow.

Taking place on Wednesday 9th February at 10:00 PT / 18:00 GMT, Keighley will be hosting a ‘Greetings from Fabletown’ stream, taking a look at the making of The Wolf Among Us 2. And, more importantly, Keighley has confirmed that we'll also be getting a “brand new trailer” for The Wolf Among Us 2, as well.

The Wolf Among Us Season 2 was first announced way back in 2017, and was meant to launch the next year. but the game never saw the light of day, with Telltale Games closing its doors in late 2018. However, a newly-revived Telltale Games re-announced the game during The Game Awards in 2019. More recently, Telltale promised updates on the title in early 2022, and it looks like this upcoming presentation is what they were talking about.

So, are you excited to see more of The Wolf Among Us 2? The fact that Telltale has dropped the “Season 2” bit of the title suggests that it won't be released episodically like the first game was, which is something that we're very happy about.

  • Sweet!
  • I wonder who was the person/company that revived Telltale, cause it’s not that easy to close cause you’re broke as fuck. Than come back from that and instantly start making games again.

    Someone invested/believes in them.
  • @Yourburnstar, I believe it was the creator of The Walking Dead franchise, Chris Kirkman.
  • Can’t wait!
  • @Antidote - that’s Robert Kirkman ;-)

    But he didn’t buy Telltale, he only revived the TWD properties that Telltale did under his Skybound company. Telltale as a whole was bought by LCG Entertainment, but I believe currently only have rights to the DC Comics properties, Batman and Wolf, and The Expanse.
  • @blakgravy, Thanks for the corrections and clarifications. My memory was evidently a bit foggy on the answer.
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