Call of Duty Vanguard Season Two Launches Next Week With Tanks and Motorcycles

Call of Duty Vanguard Season Two Launches Next Week With Tanks and Motorcycles

Matt Lorrigan

Season 2 is coming to Call of Duty: Vanguard and Call of Duty: Warzone next week, bringing with it new modes, vehicles, and locations.

With a story following a Nazi chemical weapon called Nebula V, players in both Call of Duty games will have some new threats to deal with, as well as a few new toys to use. In Warzone, the Chemical Factory and Research Labs are being added to the Caldera map, alongside new Bomber aircraft. 

Nebula V is also playing a strong role in the battle royale mode, with Nebula V ammunition and bombs found in short supply around the map. Nebula V ammo does the same amount of damage as regular ammo, but will see downed operators emit a poisonous gas cloud, hampering anyone trying to revive them. To combat this, players can use a new Portable Decontamination Station as well. Warzone will also see Armoured Transport Trucks added to the game, as well as Redeploy Balloons, which allow you parachute long distances across the map.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is getting in on the action with two new maps - Gondola and Casablanca - as well as new Valentines Day content. Ranked Play is also coming to multiplayer in beta, and players will be able to take advantage of new perks, killstreaks, and equipment, including a Sticky Bomb and the Ball Turret Gunner from COD: WWII.

A new mode, Arms Race, will also be arriving midway through the season, and will be full of motorcycles, thanks, and squad transport vehicles as players attempt to destroy the enemies' base of operations. The full patch notes for this new mode will be coming soon.

You can check out the Call of Duty Season One cinematic trailer down below, ahead of its launch on 14th February 2022.

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