Atomic Heart Looks Like a Soviet-era BioShock in its New Release Window Announcement Trailer

Atomic Heart Looks Like a Soviet-era BioShock in its New Release Window Announcement Trailer

Matt Lorrigan

Developer Mundfish has dropped a new trailer for Atomic Heart, giving us a glimpse at the game's story, as well as a new release window.

Atomic Heart takes place in an alternate, retro-future version of the USSR in the 1950s, with the invention of an omnipotent substance known at the Polymer giving rise to new scientific and economic growth, including AI and robotic advancement.

Things obviously don't quite go to plan, however, with the robots turning on the scientists they were assisting. Playing as Sergey, a war veteran and elite KGB agent, you will explore the Facility where everything went wrong, collecting upgradeable weapons, experimental guns, and a polymeric glove that gives you super-human abilities. It all looks a bit BioShock, which is only a good thing, and though the English voice acting seems a bit rough, the rest of the game looks really promising in the new trailer.

The trailer ends with the game's new release window, which amusingly, is listed as [redacted]ber 2022, so we should be expecting Atomic Heart to release at any point between September and December this year. You can check out the new story trailer down below!

  • Visually it looks very intriguing, my only gripe about it is the horrendous lip syncing. Shit like that instantly puts me off, you’re going to spend all that money making a game you could at least get that shit correct.

    Felt like I was watching a Japanese movie from the 80’s when they talked and showed their mouth move no where near the words they said lol
  • @Yourburntstar

    I imagine the problem stems from the fact the mouth movements appear to be synced towards another language, most likely Russian seeing as the devs are Russian themselves.
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