Capcom Has Launched a Teaser Website Counting Down to... Something

Capcom Has Launched a Teaser Website Counting Down to... Something

Richard Walker

Capcom has launched a new teaser website, counting down to a reveal due for this Sunday. What the clock is actually ticking away towards, however, is anyone's guess. The countdown site went up earlier today, and could be for any number of things.

This coming Sunday also happens to be the same weekend as Capcom's Street Fighter Pro Tour Season Final (as spotted by VGC), suggesting that the reveal could be something to do with a new Street Fighter title. And although SF V skipped Xbox, there's no reason for SF VI to skip Microsoft's console.

Of course, the Street Fighter series is celebrating its 35th anniversary, which also makes this year an ideal time to announce a new Street Fighter game, and Capcom's official SF Twitter account has told fans to "please look forward to the future development of the ‘Street Fighter’ series!"

Furthermore, Street Fighter V recently drew a line under its DLC offerings with the addition of final character Luke, who was introduced as “a major part of the next Street Fighter project”. Add it all up, and it all looks like a very rich tapestry, and it all points to Street Fighter VI. Or it'll be a Resident Evil, Monster Hunter thing, or something else. Or some info relating to sci-fi game, Pragmata. At this point, who knows?

The Street Fighter Pro Tour Season Final takes place from February 18th to February 20th, with the countdown reveal set for Sunday 20th February at 10pm PT/1am ET/6am GMT/7am CET.

  • Possible new Dead Rising game? That would be a surprise.
  • @Yourburntstar and much appreciated by myself at least
  • Please, oh god, Dino Crisis reboot. I know it won't happen, but it is what I desire most from them.
  • Given that the countdown will finish during the finals of the Capcom Cup tournament. I'm positive it's going to be an announcement surrounding either Street Fight VI or Darkstalkers.
  • Probably SF6 or RE4 but will also accept Darkstalkers or Dino Crisis. Failing all that, I'll take a new Dead Rising, I guess..
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