Yakuza Director's New Game With Nagoshi Studio Will Still 'Offer a High Level of Human Drama'

Yakuza Director's New Game With Nagoshi Studio Will Still 'Offer a High Level of Human Drama'

Richard Walker

Yakuza director Toshihiro Nagoshi (who left SEGA and RGG Studio in October 2021) has assured that his first project with newly-formed dev team, Nagoshi Studio, will still boast “a high level of human drama”, as well as cinematic influences. And anyone worried that smartphone games might be on the agenda can rest easy.

“We are influenced by movies and are interested in creating games that offer a high level of human drama,” Nagoshi explained in a chat with IGN. “That’s what we find fun. Just as before, I hope to create games in that vein that can reach a global audience. So you won't find us making, like, smartphone puzzle games or whatever. Those games are fun, but what we're good at and what the world expects from us is games with dramatic and moving stories, and that’s what we want to make. So that's where our focus is.”

Nagoshi Studio's first project will also be looking to use motion capture tech for digital performance, much like Takuya Kimura's turn as Takayuki Yagami in Judgment and its sequel, Lost Judgment. Nagoshi also noted that the game's setting isn't of paramount importance, but rather, the level of quality is vital.

“For our next game to be a worldwide success, I don't think the setting is that important,” Nagoshi remarked. "If the drama is good, then people in France will be moved by a Takeshi Kitano movie, and we in Japan can enjoy a movie from India. If the quality is good then anyone anywhere should be able to enjoy it. I want to return to that pure element of entertainment."

Of course, with Nagoshi Studio only forming very recently, the company's first game is a very long way off, but anyone concerned that Nagoshi and his team might be veering away from what makes the Yakuza series so unique, needn't worry. Regardless, Nagoshi and his team plan to showcase an early build of its game once it's ready, and alter it accordingly, based upon feedback.

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