Dying Light 2 Stay Human Free 'Authority Pack' DLC Out Now

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Free 'Authority Pack' DLC Out Now

Richard Walker

Techland has released the first free DLC for Dying Light 2 Stay Human, or at least the first of three parts for it. Dubbed ‘The Authority Pack’, the first DLC includes the ‘Intimidating Jacket’, ‘Intimidating Cargo Pants’, and 'Intimidating High-tops', so you can represent the Peacekeepers faction and look… intimidating.

The second part of The Authority Pack will arrive on 16th February, adding Intimidating Gauntlets, the Intimidating Windbreaker, and Intimidating Leather Guards to complete the look, then on 18th February, you can add the two-handed Authority Hammer to your arsenal, ideal for cracking heads.

Each outfit item comes with a 4% bonus resistance to damage from human enemies, while wearing the whole set will offer an additional 6% bonus on top of that. Claimed items can be found at a safe house in your in-game personal stash. Next up will be the Ronin Pack, transforming Aiden into a masterless samurai - the full outfit unlocking a unique sword.

Part 1 of the free Authority Pack is available for Dying Light 2 Stay Human now, while the Ronin Pack is due to arrive next week. You can check out our Dying Light 2 Stay Human review here, some handy tips for getting started here, and look forward to five years of post-launch content for the game.

  • If only their website actually sent out the gear properly. There are tons of people who have their account linked, but arent getting any of the rewards, preorder bonuses, or twitch drops.
  • Oooooo I'm so intimidated by those high-tops...
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