Holiday Deal and Deal of the Week Now Live

Dan Webb

As the famous saying goes... The Rolling Stones gather no Maw. Well today, it appears that they do. If today's Guitar Hero 5 Rolling Stones track pack discount isn't for you, then you can always opt for this week's Deal of the Week to see you through in to 2010.

Continuing Microsoft's Holiday Deal promotion today is Guitar Hero 5's Rolling Stones track pack which is available today for 360 Microsoft points, a discount of 50%. The track pack includes "Prodigal Son (Live)", "You Gotta Move (Live)", "Under My Thumb (Live)", "I'm Free (Live)" and "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Live)."

Not a musical game fan? Then you can always choose to pick up Twisted Pixel's The Maw, which is this week's Deal of the Week. The arcade game which is usually 800 Microsoft points is now 400 points for this week only.

Check back tomorrow for Maw news on the Holiday Deal promotion.

  • oh and off topic does anyone know when we ment to get our free chocobo?
  • will be getting the maw this week!
  • Idk bout the Chocobo but they said this holiday so im guessing to be politically correct they are waiting for new years. Awesome now i can buy the Maw.
  • I won't be able to get the Maw, but it seems awesome.
  • Now I just need to get points. I've been thinking about getting the Maw for quite some time. With the new Borderlands DLC out soon, i'll probably pick this up too.
  • i'll pick up the Maw esp for 400 points !
  • can somebody tell me when the hell is joyride coming out cause the hole xbox live deal from the beginning is just a waste of time that i don't have interest in
  • I recommend The Maw. Great game, especially for those with kids.
  • Maw was a great game I thoroughly enjoyed. Easy, pick and play game with easy points if you're into that kinda thing.
  • I loved Maw. Very fun game.
  • I hate these deals. I hope the last couple days will have some pretty cool stuff for us gamers not music fans.
  • The maw is a great game but dissapointed about the track pack why not another arcade game.
  • Isn't it a 56% off for 320 MSP now? It is at my Marketplace and I'm from The Netherlands. Won't buy it anyway and I don't even have GH5.
  • IMO the video marketplace and music deals are kinda dumb. They're barely savings anyways, plus the people who really want the music tracks probably already bought them because I know when I really like music, I want to get it right away. Ah well, at least the Fallout 3 deals and Monkey Island deals were good. And free theme and glasses, lol.
  • sweet deal LOL @ "Maw news"...nice touch Webb :p
  • can I has Trials on a deal yet? no? up yours MS :)
  • 'The Rolling Stones gather no Maw' 'for Maw news' OMG I love puns, and sarcasm ;)
  • I bet the last day is going to something so stupid. Like "Get Hexic HD for 200 points today only!"
  • Dammit! I just bought the Maw yesterday. Grrr.
  • Pants do you pay attention to the DotW thread? We knew about The Maw already since like the beginning of the month>.>
  • Ouch Pants! Count me in on Maw, finally a deal of the week I don't already have. Here's hoping Braid indeed gets a price cut soon too.
  • the maw is a good game and recommend it, pants i though you would've atlease looked at the daily deals thing, would've saved you, im still waitin for castle crashers.
  • the maw was a good game i had alot of fun with it, if you havnt played it yet nows a good time to pick it up
  • infact, any news on (joy ride) yet?
  • I recommend The Maw. Very fun game and the thing is freckin' adorable and eats everything!!
  • The Maw was well worth the 800MSP I spent on it, so I can't recommend it enough for 400MSP. :)
  • The Maw is a no brainer.
  • "I'm Free (Live)" I wish it was, save me £40 a year... :P
  • alreadyhavemae gve mrgame on demand or 80mp
  • i think ill get the maw too
  • Sweet! I've been waiting for either The Maw or 'Splosion Man to drop in price. Will definitely be picking this up.
  • 22: Nope. 23: Luckily it was just part of a spending spree from a lot of 8000 points my Grandma got me. :D
  • Ah, comment fail by me. Those should have been aimed at 21 and 22 above, not 22 and 23. :P
  • I will definitely advise you guys to get The Maw if you have 400 points to spend. I myself have got 200GS in the game (2 DLCs completed) and am aiming to get full 250GS when I have time, a great game :)
  • i think the last day is battlefield 1943 from the hint "modern game 1940s price" and the day before might be castle crashers from the "door crashing deal" but everything else souds like movies or music game crap until the last 2
  • lol @ Pants. Sorry dude, can't resist, I've been waiting for this DOTW for 3 weeks. :-D
  • Cool - The Maw. Waiting for it as a deal of the week for some time.
  • Want Free Xbox Live Points? Enjoy =]
  • Thought about the Stones pack but had to pass, but if i didn't already have Maw, I would absolutely pick it up. It is a great game. Try out the demo if anyone is on the fence.
  • I accidentally bought Maw on the day of its launch for 800 points, when I was drunk thinking I was downloading the trial one night... didnt even realise it for about 3 months.. not a bad game... Ive played better though.
  • Got the Maw without even thinking about it. I wanted it at launch, but figured I would wait for a deal just like this. Thank you for a late Christmas present! :)
  • I was thinking about picking up The Maw a few weeks back, but unlike Pants, I saw the DotW thread and decided to wait. My patience pays off today!
  • Awesome deal for The Maw. Only deal that's grabbed me so far, so i'm going to make the most of it. Cheers for the heads up.
  • I got The Maw, the other deal sucks ass.
  • Get the Maw if you don't have it. I don't have GH5. And I don't think the tunes are backwards compatible for GHWT so...lame.
  • @22 Braid was offered at a discounted price in the past, so I'm not sure if they'll ever do it again.
  • Grabbing maw while its cheap :3
  • Maw at $5 is a steal. Use the saved points on the DLC, you wont be disappointed.
  • I would get the Maw if not for having tons of new games to play anyway. Just picked up broken Steel last night for $5 so guess I can hold off on buying anything I see discounted for awhile now.
  • Also... I WANT MY CHOCOBO!
  • The Maw is an awesome game. Buy it if you don't have it! Maw puns, on the other hand, are horrible. :p
  • man this is gonna be the third discounted xbla game they have gotten me to buy this week with marvel and monkey island. cant pass up on these deals though.
  • merry fu Mr.Gates
  • I also would like MY CHOCOBO!
  • Ya The Maw comes highly recommended from me. Loved it. I too want my Chocobo... I think they've had some good xmas deals this Christmas :) Even if I did have most of the DLC/XBLA offered.
  • the rolling stones gather no maw? really web? thats just cheesey. yes i too am waiting for my chocobo avatar prop. the maw is an excellent deal at 400 pts. get it! also get the dlc for it as well. there is a very cool premium theme that unlocks for beating the maw as well. merry maw to all! that wasnt cheesey was it?
  • I have 1960 points to use. The Borderlands DLC is 800, Castlevania (been meaning to pick it up for quite a while) is 800, and the Maw is 400, for a total of 2000. To got that extra 50 cents for all my purchases, I have to buy $6.25 worth of points. What the hell, Microsoft. What the hell.
  • i picked up the maw and was not disappointed
  • #39 you are a worthless human being. this is obviously a link to a hacker's domain. hope you rrod for the rest of your life. my friend won the Maw in the mob of 1 vs 100. he said it horrible. please drop the price of invincible tiger. i will not pay 1200 for such a poorly rated game.
  • sorry meant to say it was horrible.. #58 definitely get Castlevania
  • Its funny all you people getting upset Braid and Trials HD aren't getting price cuts. I'm amazed they even discounted Shadow Complex. These games are all quality titles and you should stop being such poor people and buy them full price if you want them so badly. I was 'on the tracks' (pun intended) about spending that much on Trials, but Im glad I did, it's a pretty awesome game. Too bad I got borderlands, MW2, and some others for christmas or I would of got the DLC too.
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