Chivalry 2: House Aberfell Update Adds a New Map, Playable Druids, and Bees

Chivalry 2: House Aberfell Update Adds a New Map, Playable Druids, and Bees

Matt Lorrigan

Chivalry II's latest update, House Aberfell, is out today, adding loads of new content to the medieval warfare game.

The biggest addition is The Raid on Aberfell, a brand new 64-player Team Objective map that sees the Agatha Knights invading the King Malric's birth land. Attacking players have to sack the village, destroy obelisks, and kill Druids, while defending players have to stop them.

Druids are the new playable character class coming to the game, charged with defending the Mason Order's ancient stones. They come armed with powerful staff weapons, and can be controlled by the top scoring players in a match.

Attacking players can also take advantage of a new game mechanic - stealing pigs! Knights can capture livestock (and peasants) by carrying them over their shoulder, denying the defending team's access to good and labour along the way. Oh, and bees are also being added to the game. Oversized beehives can be picked up and thrown at enemies, creating an area-of-effect of stinging insects to damage your foes.

The final new additions include the Highland Sword, described as a “massive, unwieldy beast of a blade” that comes complete with new animations, weapon values, and a special attack.

“On behalf of everyone at Torn Banner Studios, I’d like to thank the Chivalry 2 player base,” said creative director Steve Piggott. “We are blown away by the positive reception since launch and Chivalry 2 would not be regarded as one of the best multiplayer games of 2021 without your support. Since our 2021 launch, we’ve added new 64-player Team Objective maps, Arena and Brawl modes, and so much more. This is still the beginning and Torn Banner Studios remains committed to continue increasing the size and scope of Chivalry 2 this year.”

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