BioShock is Getting the Movie Treatment, Courtesy of Netflix, 2K Games, and Take-Two

BioShock is Getting the Movie Treatment, Courtesy of Netflix, 2K Games, and Take-Two

Richard Walker

Netflix, 2K Games, and Take-Two have joined forces for a new BioShock movie, with The LEGO Movie company Vertigo Entertainment on board as producers. Like almost every blockbuster IP, the hope is that BioShock will become a “potential cinematic universe”.

Back in 2008, Universal Pictures took a stab at a BioShock flick, before the project fell apart. That version would have been helmed by Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski, and this new adaptation has yet to be given a director. In fact, details are fairly scant, at present, as per The Hollywood Reporter's article and the Netflix Geeked Twitter account.

Presumably, the film will take the first two game's Rapture setting as its jumping-off point, with possible “cinematic universe plans” taking the series to BioShock Infinite's Columbia. In video game world, meanwhile, a new BioShock is in development at new studio Cloud Chamber, rumoured to be set in Antarctica during the 1960s.

  • Let me guess the big daddy’s will be misogynistic men trapped in suits by a powerful woman who writes calculus on the wall in her free time. The hero will be a female and rapture will be a city built on slavery that failed. I’ll pass
  • 41, please be wrong AF.
  • Yeah probably on the right lines 41 lmao. Big Sister will probably be a hero trying to save Little Sisters from Big Daddy’s that will have been rewritten to be exploiting them for ADAM or something
  • It’ll be shit. Sheep will love it.
  • The new cash cow train is to milk a video game franchise name and reputation while dragging it through the dirt and dismantling everything that made it great in the video game industry in the first place.

    Shit is a joke, and it’s remarkable people even get excited for this shit.
  • Could be an interesting movie if the story is good and the key thing is to not just repeat the story from the game(s). It's already a great story in the game, they'll need to forge new ground.
  • > Netflix.
    > Cinematic Universe.

    I think I'll pass.
  • @HDresden:
    Maybe, but I can't think of a single movie adaptation of a game where they followed the story too closely. For a lot of fans that always comes as a headscratcher. "The story from the game was awesome; why didn't they just show that?" I personally would be pleased with a new story provided that it fit nicely with the existing continuity from the games. I can't think of any examples of that being done either, unless you count the CG Resident Evil movies.
  • Wow some like minded people finally commenting on this site instead of the exact people you all are describing which normally are the people commenting. I agree with 41 especially and think you hit the nail on the head!
  • Fine. But for the love of God, please keep Paul Anderson and his wife Milla Jovovich away from it!
  • “An artist strives to frame his ideals in an image; to challenge his audience and to make his vision immortal. But the parasites say ‘no, your art must serve the cause…”
  • @41 and others, it's good to know that others see what I see when I read articles like this. 41, your description is much better than mine, but I was going to say, since Netflix is putting it on, it means it'll be an agenda-laden film with overt pandering to fill a bunch of check boxes.
  • Lot of fragile dudes around I see.

    I'd like to see a pretty close adaptation of the first game and they can go from there if they actually succeed.
  • Bioshock movie: *Exists*

    Legitimately saddened, if not surprised, to see so many people jumping in and clapping eachother on the back for being so anti-... everything(?) that the mere existence of a film is being used to sock it to the socially conscious.

    This will probably be naff, as are most videogame adaptations, but you damn near tripped over eachother to let us all know just how much you don't want to see empowered women or mintrities in film.
  • Well they have now arrived as expected. I guess they were sleeping before.
  • @Pants Party, Not fragile... Just gets really old seeing that crap, to be honest.

    I have no problems whatsoever if entertainment media wants to use a female, gay, or minority lead. By all means, go for it. That stuff doesn't get at me, but can modern day entertainment media, be it movies, TV, video games, board games, or comics not just create an entertaining piece of media without "shoe-horning" an agenda?

    I've said this before... Ripley and Sarah Conner are iconic, forever memorable characters because they were bad-ass MFers, who were strong as is, because their traits came out organically.

    If Ripley or Sarah Conner were written in modern day entertainment media, those movies would do all it's damndest to shove down your throat that they are female, they are intelligent, they are independent, they are empowered, and they'd likely go against a male character whose any combination of gross, creepy, impulsive, narrow-minded, or a neanderthal idiot.

    I'm not saying female characters shouldn't be shown to have traits of power, intelligence, or independence, but let it show through organically instead of trying to punch it through the way modern entertainment media does now, often trying to make that the central focus instead of the character and the story being the center of focus.

    In other words, Ripley and Sarah Conner are awesome characters who happen to be female, and not that they are awesome characters because they are female. At least that's my take...
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